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Narendra Modi v/s Rahul Gandhi

A man with a mission v/s A Man with a dream

A leader with conviction v/s A leader with experimentation

A manager with vision v/s The son of the CEO

Mr Narendra Modi has the distinction of being the longest serving Chief Minister of the state of Gujarat. He firstly assumed this responsibility in October 2001. Thereafter, he has had sweeping victories in two successive Assembly Elections held in December 2002 and December 2007. He has also won successive elections of the local bodies including the Panchayats, Municipalities and Municipal Corporations. The victory of 2007 is a reaffirmation of the people’s faith in his leadership, statesmanship and governance which he displayed in last six years as Chief Minister.

Passionate and progressive, a poet at heart and author of a few books, tech-savvy, Mr Narendra Modi is one of the most responsive political leaders in India. Born to a middle class family in the Mehsana district of Gujarat in 1950, a masters in political science, he entered social youth right at the beginning of his youth, in the early seventies.

He is widely regarded as a youthful and energetic leader with innovative thoughts and determination to implement them. He has successfully communicated his vision to 55 million people of Gujarat and has been able to instill a sense of confidence in what they have and a hope for a golden tomorrow. A wide cross section of the people of Gujarat, cutting across religions, income groups and political affiliations, continue to adore Mr Narendra Modi as an able and visionary leader. An astute politician, a skilled orator and a deft negotiator, Mr. Narendra Modi has earned the love and affection of the people from villages and cities alike which makes him a rare leader of the masses. When he became the Chief Minister of Gujarat for the first time in October 2001, he hardly had any experience of state administration. But his utmost commitment and dedication have rendered him an outstanding administrator and given him an unique achievement of being ranked as the Best Chief Minister of the country in a number of surveys by professional agencies. Even recently, after being elected for the new term, in February 2008, he has been voted as the Best Chief Minister by the people across the country.

When the Modi government was sworn-in in October 2001, the economy of Gujarat was reeling under several adverse trends, particularly natural calamities. The state had witnessed successive droughts, devastating cyclones even before it was hit by a disastrous earthquake in January 2001. The growth in various sectors was stagnant, major parts of the state were facing water scarcity, infrastructure was in shambles and investments had slowed down. Moreover, the mood of the people was despondent. The biggest challenge was to resurrect the spirits and the economy, revive the livelihoods and to reconstruct the infrastructure including those in the earthquake affected areas. Thousands of earthquake affected people were living in temporary shelters without any basic infrastructure. However Modi, a master strategist enriched by national and international exposure and experience, decided to take the bull by its horns and turned an adversity into an opportunity. He re-oriented and re-organized government’s administrative structure, embarked upon a massive exercise for rehabilitation of people, reconstruction of infrastructure, recreation of the business environment and rejuvenation of the traditional entrepreneurial spirit of Gujarat. This successfully put Gujarat back on the road to progress and prosperity. Gujarat is now popularly known as “Vibrant Gujarat”.

Even when the reconstruction and rehabilitation was going on, Modi did not lose sight of the bigger and larger picture. He emphasized on all-inclusive and uniform development of all communities and regions In the very first year of his tenure, he came out with an integrated strategy for overall development of the State. It is known as Panchamrut (five nectars) and includes Jal Shakti: Harnessing of Water Resources, Gyan Shakti: Quality and coverage in Education, Jan Shakti: Development of Human Resources, Urja Shakti: Power of energy sources and Raksha Shakti: Security and well being of people. Gujarat has registered a GDP growth of over 10% over past five years which is the highest growth rate among all the states in India.. The efforts of his government have resulted into metamorphosis of a revenue deficit state into a revenue surplus state.

He mooted a model of development through people’s participation. USP of his development model has been : a quantum leap (think big) and change right from the roots (no cosmetic changes). A large number of water harvesting structures like check dams, farm ponds and initiatives like Krishi Mahotsav (agricultural festival) and Kanya kelavani campaign (girl child education drive) are its examples. Agriculture production quadrupled from Rs.9000 crores to 34,000 crores. Gujarat leads in energy production with 1878 megawatts of power generation. Through the Jyotigram yojana, he has been able to supply uninterrupted three phase round the clock electricity to all the 18,000 villages of the state. The rural economy is now vibrant owing to this and the villages have turned into centers of production. The state has ushered in a water revolution with creation of a large number of water harvesting structures and popularization of micro-irrigation techniques. Gujarat is the only state where, under the project e gram vishwa gram, all the 18000 villages are being provided broadband connectivity.

Qualitative change has been brought in health services and health infrastructure alongwith schemes like Chiranjeevi and Balbhog which are novel initiatives to ensure a healthy mother and child. Focus on cent per cent enrollment of children through campaigns like Kanya kelavani and Shaala praveshotsav and resultant drooping drop out rates have been able to reverse the trend of high illiteracy rate from Gujarat. The focus is putting Gujarat at par with the developed regions in Human Development Index and work towards the achieving Millenium Development Goals declared by the UN. To ensure all round, all inclusive and uniform development, comprehensive and well conceived packages like Vanbandhu kalyan (tribal welfare), Sagarkhedu (development of coastal dwellers), Garib samruddhi (upliftment of urban poor) are under implementation.

Mr. Modi believes in the fact that good infrastructure is the driver of economic development. He therefore, paid utmost attention on physical and social infrastructure and involved private sector in their development. The rapid and qualitative development of ports, roads, railways, LNG terminals, gas distribution and water distribution networks and other infrastructure facilities are being discussed nationwide. Setting up of Statewide gas grid and water grid are exemplary achievements in infrastructure. He has also created excellent infrastructure at tourist and religious places. Urban sector has been enlivened by up gradation of civic amenities and emphasis on cleanliness and greening and reduction of vehicular pollution. The well conceived, meticulously planned and professionally organized Vibrant Gujarat Global Investors Biennial Summits held in 2003, 2005 and 2007 have put Gujarat as a preferred investment destination among global investors. These summits have not only attracted investments worth billions of USD but also created huge employment opportunities in the state. Its logical fall out is skill development for various class of people on a massive scale.

One of the key factors catalyzing Gujarat’s emergence as the most preferred investment destination is its security. Gujarat has the lowest crime rate in the country in last six years. Terrorist nexus, mafias and gangs have all lost grounds here.

A leader who believes in team-work and a good work culture, Mr Modi has launched an ambitious training programme for the 500,000 government employees in Gujarat which is being watched in awe by every other state. Many of his initiatives like evening courts, interlinking of rivers, jyotigram, grievance redressal through SWAGAT online and others are being viewed as models for replication at the national level. The state is now rated as the best e-governed state in the country. With his focus on cent per cent computerization of the villages and emphasis on quick disposal of people’s grievances, the state is set to usher into village level e-governance. Narendra Modi government has bagged about eighty awards including the ones at the international level like the UN Sasakawa award for disaster reduction, CAPAM Gold award for able governance, World Bank’s Green award for environment friendly work during rebuilding after the earthquake, UNESCO Asia Pacific Heritage Award and award from Global Interpolis, Singapore. Gujarat is today rated as the best state in bio technology initiatives too. Gujarat has been rated as the best state in investment climate and economic freedom. The awards , received for achievements on several fronts including agriculture, energy and water management, IT and BT and e-governance; themselves reveal the multi sectoral nature of development.

Mr Modi worked as the General Secretary of the BJP’s (Bhartiya Janata Party) Gujarat unit since 1988. In 1995 Mr Modi was asked by his party to play a role at the national level – he was appointed as Secretary of the BJP’s national unit at New Delhi. He was promoted as General Secretary (Organisation) in 1998, a post he held until October 2001, when he was chosen to be the chief minister of one of India’s most progressive states, Gujarat. During his stint at the national level, Mr Modi was asked to oversee the affairs of several state level BJP units, including the sensitive and crucial states like Jammu & Kashmir and the equally sensitive north-eastern states besides the state like Haryana, Himachal Pradesh etc. He is being credited for successfully revamping the party organization in several states. While working at the national level, Mr Modi emerged as an important spokesman for the party and played a key role on several important occasions.

Modi’s model of good governance is being applauded within the country and beyond. The way he has won the hearts of people of Gujarat and his popularity at the national level show that ‘Good governance is also good politics’

Today, when he finishes his 3-day fast. He said MY GOVERNMENT DOES NOT DO ANYTHING FOR MINORITY and NEITHER DOES IT DO TO VOW THE MAJORITY. India has witnessed 60 years of Vote Bank politics. What Modi projected was a vision for a progressive INDIA and a determined India.

On the contrary Rahul Gandhi has had his chances to impress the Indians too. He has been sharing meals with Dalits and morning walks at Bhatta Parsaul. What Rahul thinks, Modi brings it to reality. Rahul’s credibility has been guessed but not proven. While Rahul is busy recouping from the Anna effect, Modi is marching ahead with aggressive people contact. Narendra Modi wants India to think and dream big. Rahul wants to make a few Indians bigger.

With Sonia Gandhi declining the PM seat during the last Lok Sabha elections, congress did earn some brownie points but the points have been redeemed and the brownies have been digested. What next is the question ?

Is BJP realising the impact Modi has on Indians and India in 2014? Is the supreme court verdict the game changer? Are we going to witness the supremacy battle between a fundamentally progressive leader and an aspiring leader? Who is the Indian voter going to shake hands with? A proven politician or the son of a dynasty?

While India chooses its future governance, time for me to sign out and sip my evening coffee.


India – The world proudly addresses it as the largest democracy in the world. And the world is not wrong. In sheer numbers and the amount of voters on roll, it is indeed the largest democracy. But in a much relative sense, it is the world’s largest non-functional democracy in the world. We are governed by a paralysed government at the centre. What they practice, is exactly what they preach. The forefathers preached Dynasty Rule and the successive generations are practicing it. The Gandhi family is on an absolute rampage and the shame is that people are tolerating it to the core. When Anna rebelled at Jantar Mantar, things looked positive. But Kapil Sibbal, pretended the formation of Lokpal and ducked the alarming situation. But now the deadline is nearing and to add to the misery, Baba Ramdev too joined in with a list of impossible but required demands.
The government is unfazed. What happened on the night of 4th June at the Ramlila grounds was horrifying. A place where the life of Lord Rama is portrayed during the Navratras. The lord, who is referred to as Maryaada Purushottam. The man who is best amongst all in following the principles. A king who always kept the citizens first. A king who fought for the citizens, someone who was more interested in the common man’s meals than his own. And at the same Ramlila grounds, we saw a vulgar display of power. Rightly said, Power Corrupts and Absolute Power corrupts Absolutely.If the Union Ministers are neat and not the beneficiaries of the Black Money in question, what is stopping them from giving it a green signal. Why must they not join Baba Ramdev or Anna Hazare instead of horrifying the common man.
It makes no sense to implement 144 in any area where people can stage a demonstration peacefully. When Anna Hazare fasted, how many instances took place ? None. And now the government is against such demonstrations as well. The question is, Who will stop all this Non Sense carried on by the UPA and allies? Digvijay Singh calls Baba a Thug, what happened to him, when Arjun Singh played with the Bhopal Gas Case ?? Where was Digvijay Singh when rajiv Gandhi bought Bofors ? Is A Raja not a thug ? Is Suresh Kalmadi not a Thug ?? Have heard people complaining of loose motions in summers but Digvijay has an evergreen verbal diarrhea. Too expensive a choice by Congress to make him the spokesperson.
Baba Ramdev might have had his interests, but the issues he brought to the forum were not personal. They carries importance to every citizen of India. Anna Hazare boycotted the Lokpal meet not because he wanted to but because he could smell something wrong somewhere. At the age of 73 and having immense experience, he can certainly do that with a command.
A while back, I was viewing a video of a Poem being recited by our former PM Shri Atal Bihari Vajpayee Ji and was thrilled to observe the tone in which he addressed the nation. The Intent was clear. Sad, that the opposition is not strong either. India could have been a better state if we had sensible conductors during the times when the Driver goes beyond control.The government as well as the opposition are Boneless and no wonders they are (Mis) leading the country the way they are. The onus lies on us too. We do not go out to support because it is too hot. For us, a sunburn is a bigger calamity than the Nation Collapse. We do not voice our opinion on Corruption, but go full throttle when India is playing a cricket match. Perhaps all our patriotism is confined to the Games and in the course, we are missing out on the Bigger Game that people are playing elsewhere. Right from Onions to Airlines, from Doctors to Engineers, from Ministers to Barristers, everyone is driving the process their way. Bribes on traffic signals, bribes outside courts, inside temples, everywhere. And Manmohan Singh says that it cannot be done overnight. Yes, he is correct. You cannot stop a cop from being bribed by an offender ? But Why Not ? Is it too difficult to witness such acts ? Certainly Not. Mr. Manmohan Singh, please step out of that BMW and see what happens on the streets, offices, courts, police stations… It is not duty but is your responsibility for sure.
Ordering a Lathicharge is not what an economist would term as Viable. And if the sanction for such barbaric acts comes from a Professor, it makes us one and all shameful of professors and other such respectful professionals. Our father of nation believed in Non-Violence and look what the prime minister of that nation is upto. Disgusting and Sinful.
When Suresh Kalmadi was on a spree of diluting taxpayers’ money, the concerned were asleep and when Baba Ramdev campaigned, the entire ministry, Home Minister, Officials got up and got moving. Contrasts that do not please the eyes. All said and done, we do not know how long are we going to let this country run in this direction but one thing that I am sure of is that we cannot afford it for long enough. What is the Common Man and the Uncommon Man doing? Filmstars, Cricketers, Writers — They all come for various charities, fund raising etc but why are they not out to demonstrate their feelings about Corruption ? Is it only the character they play in movies, that is against Corruption? What about the real them? Heroes or just actors ?? Pity that celebrities are busy celebrating when the nation is mourning the death of the nation. And the government has devised the perfect remedy for the common man. Keep them so common that they do not have anything to think beyond their livelihood. Well done, UPA and congratulations to Sonia. Just a piece of advise for Rahul, pls. get married soon and get some children who will embark upon the legacy leftover by your ancestors.

Letter to the Prime Minister

Dear Dr. Singh,
Congratulations on your speech at Guwahati before the elections yesterday. You are doing what you are good at, following the instructions. My question like any other AAM AADMI is, What has happened to your conscience ? You are an educated person and as far as the world knows, you are a person that commands extreme control over Integrity. Then, what is the motivation for you to lead such Arrogant, Corrupt, Insensible and Indifferent people? Why, WHY are you doing this to the country? Have you not had enough? How long would you and your cheating party continue to ruin our nation? India has become the Gandhi’s playground. Indira to Rajiv to Sonia to Rahul. They are not the GANDHIs who we are supposed to follow. They are not the generations of Mahatma Gandhi. If they have enjoyed the fruits of keeping the surname Gandhi, they should sacrifice as much too.
You have time and effort to praise MS Dhoni and Sachin Tendulkar, but no appreciation for Anna Hazare. You are fighting self-guilt and let me remind you that you have had an incredible track record as an Economist. Look at the MACRO affairs sir and not the MICRO ones only to carry on the PM’s seat. Grow up before god calls you 🙂 To answer Hazare, you have sent Kapil Sibal, if I recall the same guy who could not see any wrong in the 2G Scam.
I request you to kindly disembark yourself from this vehicle based on the four wheels of Corruption, Inhumanity, Non-Integrity and Arrogance. We need sensible people like you to make the change and not just follow the mess that has been created by your chairperson and the followers. Such shame and disgrace that a Gandhian is fasting unto death at the age of 72 and you are addressing Election Rallies ? Is there any element of shame that remains in you? Sardars were always known to be strong to fight against the odds and look at you. Why can you have a spine? May I remind you that boneless creatures are good enough just to be served in a platter at a restaurant. What has you office been doing with regards to :
Commonweath Games Scam? – Suresh Kalmadi and Shiela Dikshit.
2G Scam? – A Raja and your ally DMK
Adarsh Housing? – Your party Chief Ministers
IPL Scam — Shashi Thuroor
How long will the tax payers of my country be paying for your luxury ? And why should they? Is it not fair if people stop paying taxes as an opposition to the misuse of their previously paid dues? Why should we not follow Hassan Ali? Why can you not disclose the names of Swiss Bank account holders? Who Stops you other than your own bunch of shameless corrupt partners?
Please, for country’s sake, do something. Take some action. ACT NOW.
Manish Misra.
An Indian Citizen, slightly more concerned than you.

Supporting ANNA HAZARE

किस रावण की काटूँ बाहें, किस लंका में आग लगाऊँ। दर-दर रावण, दर-दर लंका, इतने राम कहाँ से लाऊँ

Anna Hazare, Hum saath hain tumhare, Anna tum sangharsh karo hum tumhare saath hain !!
Every town, city, street is used to these sounds now and it pleases you to the core.
It is amazing horw one person came and turned it all around with Grit and determination. And he is not the only one pinched by Corruption and anti-social behaviour of the Union and State governments. It is high time that we get out and get moving. The government needs a pushover and we are the ones to provide that. It is a matter of immense pride and honour to witness a revolution like this. Much happier to witness the educated people and employed people, taking time out and coming in full support. Suddenly people have realised the ownership of the nation and it gives you a sense of belonging too. The nation is no longer a second priority for them. Like the yesteryears of Independence, we are one bunch of passionate people with a willingness to go full throttle for out nation. This time a corruption free nation. The governments come and go, but corruption is unchanged. Not any longer. People’s voice is not going to stop. It is going to get LOUDER and LOUDER.
Sharad Pawar, has displayed the true face of UPA. To him ICC is much important than the Anti Corruption bill. When the time came to prioritise, he picked ICC and a Ministry over this noble committee. Shame, Absolute shame. And UPA is full of such shameless and spineless creatures. Better they are hanged in public. Not that NDA did any better but atleast they had the courtesy of not doing it as explicitly as UPA. The question is, what needs to be done ?
Simple, go out and support Anna. Best if you can make it all the way through to Delhi’s Jantar Mantar. If not, start with your state, city, town or least your street. Extend your events to the media. Let the whole nation get an estimate of the support Anna is getting. My request to media is to cover as much as anti-corruption events that happen as much they covered these corrupt people in the recent past. Wherever a politician comes to take mileage of such an event, shoo him away to his home. We do not need these black-faced people to be spoiling the good work done by the noble. For all those who cannot make it outside their homes, please show solidarity by applying Anti Corruption badges, sending as many SMS in support, passing on E-mails, going all out on social networking sites. Anyone interferes you, say NATION FIRST. MY NATION, I CARE.

We are a part of the culture where Lord Rama asked Sita to prove holiness. Such is the power given to the citizens. The king is to serve the nation and the citizens are to benefit. It was never meant to be the other way round and certainly should not be. We are the sons and daughters of Non-corrupt people and it is time that we prove it. We need clarity on transparency, we need support, we need our money back, we need freedom from the corrupt.

Do whatever you can and see what this nation comes out to be. An India we always wanted. An India richer than anyone in the west. An India which is self-reliant. Ask the government to list the names of Swiss Account holders. Send letters to the Prime Minister, CVC, any other minister. Just Do It.


One fine day Anna Hazare has a conversation with the Prime Minister to get the shock of his life. He is assured that a committee is looking after the Anti Corruption Bill and the same is headed by Sharad Pawar. Can’t help laughing my lungs out. But this certainly is no longer a matter of laughter and rejoice. It is sad that we have such a boneless Prime Minister. The problem with MMS is that he cannot take stand for one thing and which is the sole reason why he keeps falling for everything. What the country demands is a strong and a gutty PM. What has UPA been upto ? Of so many years of ruling, Congress has done just one thing to the Lokpal Bill – Avoid it. Sessions come and go, parliament meets and dissolves but sadly there is no mention of the Anti Corruption Bill. The Vigilance Commissioner is not Clean, The PMO is not spotless, The Alliance partners are making fortunes…… Question is WHERE IS GANDHI’S COUNTRY MOVING?

Anna Hazare has decided to fast unto death to show disapproval against the ever mounting corruption in the country. He does not have enough supporters to shake the government. What are our countrymen doing about it? They are busy achieving their Targets set by the companies that pay salaries, others are on their road to corruption and hence are absent, people who can raise voices are silent…What is going on? Is it that modern day parents have stopped enlightening their children about the responsibility towards our country ? Or is it that everyone is busy with more important things? When would we understand that irrespective of how hard we work and whatever we earn, we are not going to be happy with the way our system is functioning. The day we double our salaries, our expenses are going to be three times. Courtesy the Inflation and Corruption. We need to fight against these menace as well. Not just focus on exponentiating our own respective incomes. Take some time out, Raise your voices, If you can shout Vande Matram at a pub watching India Cricket Team Play, you can as well shout for clean India. It is certainly more important to support an honest and a clean India than Team India.
Please come out and speak, show your dissent to the corrupt. Stop bribing the officials, for your child’s sake do not pass on a corrupt society to him. It starts with you, yes YOU. Do not look around. You are the one who is going to change it. Even if you are the only one, DO IT.

Indians have had it enough. Do you truly enjoy when a corrupt goes on a world tour with the money your kid needed for his fuel to college ? What UPA is good at doing is GARIB HATAO and not GARIBI hatao. That I has been taken by the Congress to form Congress (I). India is not going to take it anymore. And where are the other celebrities now? Was it just a heroic to portrait in HALLA BOL? Who is launching the campaign against corruption? Where is NDTV ? Is it just for a green India / Educated India and Lead India ?? Where is Clean India ? What about a corruption free India ?

One thing I want my son to grow up and witness is an India which gives him the liberty to move free without the fear of corrupt. To engage in activities that encourage personal and professional development and not discourage his efforts if he doesn’t corrupt the concerned. Hope you have a similar dream JAI HIND.