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This might be a new chapter in Indian Governance but the country surely needs Abdul Kalam as the president of India. Yes, AGAIN. Not only has he secured the distinction of being a non – political person, but also has had the uniqueness of being a significant contributor to a cause called India’s development in the defense technology field. He has transformed India when it comes to the Aerial Defense System. It is his vision, that has led India to celebrate the successful launch of Agni-V. Little did we dream about India being a missile superpower before he started his career with the Government of India.¬†

When he was the president, he took decisions and did interfere in matters that mattered the most. He has always been an upright person, much noble and possesses an unparalleled integrity. Not guided by personal gains, he has taken a stand whenever necessary for the nation. He does not mind being opposed by the self-interest vested personalities and has often dwarfed them whenever compared. Abdul Kalam also owns a genuine belief in the power of the youth, he is one man who has perhaps motivated the youth in a way no other president ever had. His contributions through the college meetings, events and functions have drawn mass audiences who lend him a patient ear. The best part about making him the president is the vision of India that he carries, he is clear with his expectations and portrait of India of the future, He has already shared his vision of India 2020 and if he is given an opportunity to be the President once again, he will DELIVER.

Talking about the stand of the political structure, he shall not find many opponents too. Be it the UPA or NDA – Sonia Gandhi or Manmohan Singh, Narendra Modi or Nitish Kumar; Mulayam Singh or Sushma Swaraj, Arun Jaitley or Sharad Pawar — none can oppose him over values that matter the most. India today needs to make history and make the right choice. In the times of rampant scams, controversies and ¬† ¬†unprecedented corruption, Indian needs a clean personality. We do not need to hear to the issues surrounding president like the Bungalow row over Pratibha Patil and allegations that hamper faith instituted in the first citizen of our country.

Abdul Kalam has already displayed his capabilities of Leadership, Integrity, Righteous personal and professional conduct, perseverance and high moral and morale. As an India citizen, I completely support his candidature and nomination for the post and I really hope and appeal to the concerned to make this hope a reality.



One fine day Anna Hazare has a conversation with the Prime Minister to get the shock of his life. He is assured that a committee is looking after the Anti Corruption Bill and the same is headed by Sharad Pawar. Can’t help laughing my lungs out. But this certainly is no longer a matter of laughter and rejoice. It is sad that we have such a boneless Prime Minister. The problem with MMS is that he cannot take stand for one thing and which is the sole reason why he keeps falling for everything. What the country demands is a strong and a gutty PM. What has UPA been upto ? Of so many years of ruling, Congress has done just one thing to the Lokpal Bill – Avoid it. Sessions come and go, parliament meets and dissolves but sadly there is no mention of the Anti Corruption Bill. The Vigilance Commissioner is not Clean, The PMO is not spotless, The Alliance partners are making fortunes…… Question is WHERE IS GANDHI’S COUNTRY MOVING?

Anna Hazare has decided to fast unto death to show disapproval against the ever mounting corruption in the country. He does not have enough supporters to shake the government. What are our countrymen doing about it? They are busy achieving their Targets set by the companies that pay salaries, others are on their road to corruption and hence are absent, people who can raise voices are silent…What is going on? Is it that modern day parents have stopped enlightening their children about the responsibility towards our country ? Or is it that everyone is busy with more important things? When would we understand that irrespective of how hard we work and whatever we earn, we are not going to be happy with the way our system is functioning. The day we double our salaries, our expenses are going to be three times. Courtesy the Inflation and Corruption. We need to fight against these menace as well. Not just focus on exponentiating our own respective incomes. Take some time out, Raise your voices, If you can shout Vande Matram at a pub watching India Cricket Team Play, you can as well shout for clean India. It is certainly more important to support an honest and a clean India than Team India.
Please come out and speak, show your dissent to the corrupt. Stop bribing the officials, for your child’s sake do not pass on a corrupt society to him. It starts with you, yes YOU. Do not look around. You are the one who is going to change it. Even if you are the only one, DO IT.

Indians have had it enough. Do you truly enjoy when a corrupt goes on a world tour with the money your kid needed for his fuel to college ? What UPA is good at doing is GARIB HATAO and not GARIBI hatao. That I has been taken by the Congress to form Congress (I). India is not going to take it anymore. And where are the other celebrities now? Was it just a heroic to portrait in HALLA BOL? Who is launching the campaign against corruption? Where is NDTV ? Is it just for a green India / Educated India and Lead India ?? Where is Clean India ? What about a corruption free India ?

One thing I want my son to grow up and witness is an India which gives him the liberty to move free without the fear of corrupt. To engage in activities that encourage personal and professional development and not discourage his efforts if he doesn’t corrupt the concerned. Hope you have a similar dream JAI HIND.