Leadership is about igniting the flames buried underneath. It is not about ordering the masses to do something for some vested interested interest or another. All of us witnessed Anna Hazare driving the crowds towards a common and a selfless goal. The theme was simple and the benefit was transparent. People always felt that there participation will not effect the functioning of the state. What Anna did was impeccable. He made them believe the power of an individual and a group of individuals gathered on a platform.
Did he instruct people ? NO
Did he promote Violence ? NO
Did his mission help any political party ? NO
Did he ever try to please anyone ? NO
So, what was it that made him as effective as he was :
1. SIMPLICITY OF OPERATION : The way Anna carried his agitation was fairly simple for even a common man to understand and contribute in his own ways. He did not ask anyone to do something extraordinary. He requested them to stand by him in whatever way they wanted to.
2. CREATING SELF-BELIEF : This is perhaps the biggest influencing factor in the success of Anna Hazare. He made the common man feel strong, they could believe that it is them who have the steering of our democracy. They realised that it is the Common Man who calls the shots in our country and if an old man can be as gutsy, why should they not reciprocate the enthusiasm ?
3. CLARITY OF THOUGHT : Another masterstroke of Anna was the clarity of thought. He had influential personalities visit him, celebrities join him and so on. But unperturbed, he expressed just one dream — A Corruption Free India and showed Indians that it is POSSIBLE.
4. NEGOTIATIONS : Anna was an exceptional negotiator. He knew when to show the cards and with what intensity. He was clear about the price he wanted for his efforts. The price tag flashed off just three words CORRUPTION FREE INDIA. And his negotiations never fell short of anything beneath that.
5. TALENT ACQUISITION : Right Man for the Right Job is what we study day in and Day out at Management Schools. Anna picked his team to perfection. A team which was worthy, skilled, uncompromising and yet integral.
Hence we see how Anna showed an inspired leadership stint and keeping his promise with the people of India.