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Supporting ANNA HAZARE

किस रावण की काटूँ बाहें, किस लंका में आग लगाऊँ। दर-दर रावण, दर-दर लंका, इतने राम कहाँ से लाऊँ

Anna Hazare, Hum saath hain tumhare, Anna tum sangharsh karo hum tumhare saath hain !!
Every town, city, street is used to these sounds now and it pleases you to the core.
It is amazing horw one person came and turned it all around with Grit and determination. And he is not the only one pinched by Corruption and anti-social behaviour of the Union and State governments. It is high time that we get out and get moving. The government needs a pushover and we are the ones to provide that. It is a matter of immense pride and honour to witness a revolution like this. Much happier to witness the educated people and employed people, taking time out and coming in full support. Suddenly people have realised the ownership of the nation and it gives you a sense of belonging too. The nation is no longer a second priority for them. Like the yesteryears of Independence, we are one bunch of passionate people with a willingness to go full throttle for out nation. This time a corruption free nation. The governments come and go, but corruption is unchanged. Not any longer. People’s voice is not going to stop. It is going to get LOUDER and LOUDER.
Sharad Pawar, has displayed the true face of UPA. To him ICC is much important than the Anti Corruption bill. When the time came to prioritise, he picked ICC and a Ministry over this noble committee. Shame, Absolute shame. And UPA is full of such shameless and spineless creatures. Better they are hanged in public. Not that NDA did any better but atleast they had the courtesy of not doing it as explicitly as UPA. The question is, what needs to be done ?
Simple, go out and support Anna. Best if you can make it all the way through to Delhi’s Jantar Mantar. If not, start with your state, city, town or least your street. Extend your events to the media. Let the whole nation get an estimate of the support Anna is getting. My request to media is to cover as much as anti-corruption events that happen as much they covered these corrupt people in the recent past. Wherever a politician comes to take mileage of such an event, shoo him away to his home. We do not need these black-faced people to be spoiling the good work done by the noble. For all those who cannot make it outside their homes, please show solidarity by applying Anti Corruption badges, sending as many SMS in support, passing on E-mails, going all out on social networking sites. Anyone interferes you, say NATION FIRST. MY NATION, I CARE.

We are a part of the culture where Lord Rama asked Sita to prove holiness. Such is the power given to the citizens. The king is to serve the nation and the citizens are to benefit. It was never meant to be the other way round and certainly should not be. We are the sons and daughters of Non-corrupt people and it is time that we prove it. We need clarity on transparency, we need support, we need our money back, we need freedom from the corrupt.

Do whatever you can and see what this nation comes out to be. An India we always wanted. An India richer than anyone in the west. An India which is self-reliant. Ask the government to list the names of Swiss Account holders. Send letters to the Prime Minister, CVC, any other minister. Just Do It.



One fine day Anna Hazare has a conversation with the Prime Minister to get the shock of his life. He is assured that a committee is looking after the Anti Corruption Bill and the same is headed by Sharad Pawar. Can’t help laughing my lungs out. But this certainly is no longer a matter of laughter and rejoice. It is sad that we have such a boneless Prime Minister. The problem with MMS is that he cannot take stand for one thing and which is the sole reason why he keeps falling for everything. What the country demands is a strong and a gutty PM. What has UPA been upto ? Of so many years of ruling, Congress has done just one thing to the Lokpal Bill – Avoid it. Sessions come and go, parliament meets and dissolves but sadly there is no mention of the Anti Corruption Bill. The Vigilance Commissioner is not Clean, The PMO is not spotless, The Alliance partners are making fortunes…… Question is WHERE IS GANDHI’S COUNTRY MOVING?

Anna Hazare has decided to fast unto death to show disapproval against the ever mounting corruption in the country. He does not have enough supporters to shake the government. What are our countrymen doing about it? They are busy achieving their Targets set by the companies that pay salaries, others are on their road to corruption and hence are absent, people who can raise voices are silent…What is going on? Is it that modern day parents have stopped enlightening their children about the responsibility towards our country ? Or is it that everyone is busy with more important things? When would we understand that irrespective of how hard we work and whatever we earn, we are not going to be happy with the way our system is functioning. The day we double our salaries, our expenses are going to be three times. Courtesy the Inflation and Corruption. We need to fight against these menace as well. Not just focus on exponentiating our own respective incomes. Take some time out, Raise your voices, If you can shout Vande Matram at a pub watching India Cricket Team Play, you can as well shout for clean India. It is certainly more important to support an honest and a clean India than Team India.
Please come out and speak, show your dissent to the corrupt. Stop bribing the officials, for your child’s sake do not pass on a corrupt society to him. It starts with you, yes YOU. Do not look around. You are the one who is going to change it. Even if you are the only one, DO IT.

Indians have had it enough. Do you truly enjoy when a corrupt goes on a world tour with the money your kid needed for his fuel to college ? What UPA is good at doing is GARIB HATAO and not GARIBI hatao. That I has been taken by the Congress to form Congress (I). India is not going to take it anymore. And where are the other celebrities now? Was it just a heroic to portrait in HALLA BOL? Who is launching the campaign against corruption? Where is NDTV ? Is it just for a green India / Educated India and Lead India ?? Where is Clean India ? What about a corruption free India ?

One thing I want my son to grow up and witness is an India which gives him the liberty to move free without the fear of corrupt. To engage in activities that encourage personal and professional development and not discourage his efforts if he doesn’t corrupt the concerned. Hope you have a similar dream JAI HIND.

India – The favorites to lift the Cup avoided any last minute upsets to gain what they were expected to. Everybody thought and most believed that India is the team to do it. More possibilities, however, of a South Africa – India Final. Not to be, Sri Lanka had a fortune when South Africa surrendered to the Kiwis. All cricket Playing nations have had a surprising outing so far. Some had a better face-off with their luck than the others.
This World Cup carries a lot of interpretations across the Globe. All cricket playing nations have had more than a story or two, to be taken out of the book.

INDIA : The champions, with the Cup win, now have a platform that they have to stand upon. It was not easy to be up there and it is certainly going to be tougher to be there for as long as the next world cup. India has picked up the knack of picking the right things at the right time, but for how long is the question. What impressed about India, was their transition from an ordinary outfit to extraordinary in accordance with the stage of the tournament. Higher the pressure mounted, higher the response. Their Body Language said it all. The kind of fielding display during the initial 30 overs was a pleasant sight. They gave their 110% if not more. No wonders, it eventually was the difference in the margin of victory. Another pick from the Indian Team was the Squad Selection and the belief they had in replacements. There was no Panic displayed, no ugly signs of hopelessness. MSD played whomsoever he liked and had no regrets. All said and done, this World Cup re-confirms the motivation youngsters needed to develop themselves as Cricketers. And this is truly a job WELL DONE and Keep Going

Positives : Yuvraj, Virat Kohli, Gambhir, Sehwag, Sachin, Raina, Ashwin, Zaheer Khan;
Need Improvement : Munaf, Sreesanth, Yousuf Pathan
BENCH : Ishant Sharma, Robin Uthappa, Praveen Kumar

SRI LANKA : The biggest problem with Sri Lanka was the confidence that they had on themselves to reach the Final. They always believed they could reach the final and as they say YOU GO AS FAR AS YOUR CONFIDENCE DOES. They lacked the self backing which could have pushed them beyond than Reaching the Final. And this has been their problem in the recent past. Key series in the last five years have seen Sri Lanka faulter on the final frontier. And this is a Big Enough problem. Another undoing with Sri Lanka was their squad selection. They did not back their strengths while playing India. Instead, they went on to decide the team according to India’s weakness. In other words, they were dependent upon India’s mistakes which did not happen. So, Sri Lanka will now have to re-work their Squad and Strategies, moreover with the great Murali’s exit.

POSITIVES : Sangakara, Dilshan, Mahela, Tharanga, Mendis, Angelo.
NEGATIVES : Murali’s Retirement.

PAKISTAN : Pakistan is one country which has truly brought itself on the track. The amount of positives drawn out of Pakistan Team are at par with the best of all-time recoveries. From the Gaddafi shoot-out, they have launched themselves into Pure and Committed Cricket. The problem with PCB was never the Lack of Talented players, it was always the Intent. The last thing Pakistan Cricketers ever focussed on was their game. They had so much to worry about, right from Match Fixing to Terror attacks to the ignorance by other teams. Pakistan Team, in the last couple of years have done immensely well to getting the right things right on track. They might have lost out but they have won the hearts of many, in Pakistan and across the border too. Well Played and there is a lot of potential that is in store for Cricket lovers.

+ves — Afridi;s Bowling, Misbah, Younus Khan, Akmal, Bowling.
-ves — Fielding, Batting consistency.

AUSTRALIA : This is one team that is gradually losing the sheen, bit by bit. Last couple of years have been terrible for the Kangaroos. They had results, players, awards, stats all by their stride for almost two decades. Unfortunately for them, they are slipping that out at a rapid pace. They have to make mends before it is too late. Mind you, they still have the ingredients to do that. Where they faultered ? Simple. They could not see what teams like India could. The exit of key players like McGrath, Warne, Hayden, Gilchrist. They were too late to realise the inevitable. They suffered from the Ostrich Syndrome. The same that West Indies has been suffering after the likes of Great Clive Lloyd, Viv Richards, Ambrose, Walsh and BC Lara. They also could not fing suitable replacements at the earliest convenient. This World Cup has sent the warning signals to Team Australia and hope they are watching.

+ve — Watson, Clarke, Fielding, Tait and Hussey
-ve — Ponting, Johnson and Inconsistency

SOUTH AFRICA : The proteas are at it again. Unarguably the best side of the cup and yet again failing to prove it at the stage where it matters the most. South Africa had all what it takes to win a Title Clash but they lacked LUCK. The only Law to have worked against the South Africa team has been the Law of Averages, they lose out after a series of Wins simply because it Happens. The probability has always struck them at times when it hurts the most. All I can say to them is to keep the adrenalin flowing. You will Make it and You shall Take it.

ENGLAND : The father of cricket has been the single most consistent contender of INCONSISTENCY. The team that can give you SHOCKS of both charges, Negative as well as Positive. The ASHES showed that England is one team to watch out for this World Cup. The ODI series against the same opposition did exactly the opposite. Match against India displayed character and grit to fight it out. The one against Ireland showed complacency and surrender. I am in no position to comment on England as they themselves know they are team which is far better than what they pretend to be. Strange but True.

IRELAND : Ireland is my pick of this world cup. The most committed, strong and determined team of this event. They fought it out with opponents who carried repute. The fielding was spot on, the bowling had aggression and the batsmen had intent. Well Done and am sure they are better than Kenya, Canada, Netherlands and close to Zimbawe and Bangladesh with less years of International Cricket. 🙂

KENYA : Degradation at work. Constant failure in delivery and no display of efforts to improve. Not carrying high hopes, rather any hopes.

NETHERLANDS : There are better things than AMSTERDAM if focus in implimented.

NEW ZEALAND : Good Team, Great Spirits but lack the consistency. The bowling and fielding have fared better than their Batting over a long period of time. They can easily pick their game up to the next level with a slight improvement on their Batting consistency. Good enough to lift the next world cup but conditions apply.

ZIMBABWE : One team that has done most injustice to its long existence in the ICC cricket playing nations. No steady find after the likes of Flower brothers, Streak etc. More than them, ICC has to rethink their existence 😦

Request you all to kindly share your views in either case, approval or denial to my observations.

Cheers to Team India. Jai HIND.

India, a land of billion opportunities and a trillion expectations. A land where people anticipate a massive score of 1800 in 300 deliveries. A land where every boy grows up holding a cricket bat. The board examinations often take a backseat when India is playing International Cricket. And amidst all, we have a special human being called Mahendra Singh Dhoni who is constantly applying wits to see India through. He is one man who is answerable to almost a billion people everytime there is an outing. Right from selecting the squad to selecting the batsman next in to the bowler to deliver a pressure over, he has to see it all by himself and be fully accountable for the same. The momentum that Ganguly built over the years of his captaincy has certainly gained pace under Dhoni and god willing the team shall march on with accelerated pace and direction.
What we saw after the ODI between India and South Africa was not surprising. He had to urge the team members to stop giving into the public demand. There is no ONCE MORE once you have been sent back to the pavillion. And thus, it is all the more important to keep your nerves and bag whatever you can on the quota of 50 overs. There are less captains across the world who would be straight enough as him. What he means is pure business. The business of winning matched and retaining the Rankings as well. He admits that the Team fielding needs improvement but also expresses that It is Not going to Improve. Funny but he said that on air. Whatever MSD does, there is a definite degree of transparency and clarity around his moves and words. It is stunning to have witnessed such a blunt approach by any Team’s captain. He has a natural instinct of experimenting. He brings to the field, what others could just imagine and wonder, thats the confidence that MSD has on himself and his decision making. Sending Yousuf was criticised by one and many, only because of the result that it had. Had Yousuf been there for 5 overs or so, the same bunch of critics woud have advocated his promotion to a regular No. 3 or No. 4. And same case with letting Nehra bowl that pressure over or replacing Ashwin over Piyush, it has been walking the tightrope for MSD. What has let India down, has been the over dependence on the batting line-up and blissful ignorance to a strong bowling fleet. MSD is all but settled when it comes to taking or making decisions. But that is what comes as a part when you are captaining the Men in Blue. My appeal to Indian media is to let these guys play to their capabilities and not pseudo expectations. We have just advanced to the quarter finals and that is exactly what it is. Whether we have come there with great challenges or Ease is not a fact. It is an assumption. But we have to play Australia on Thursday is the only fact derived out of the Round 1.
MSD and his team have done well against the Australia in the recent past and unless something miraculous happens, we should be able to put up a fight strong enough to let us through. Further, MSD has had this habit of doing strange set of things which are as surprising to the opposition as they are to us. And Ricky Ponting knows that. He has been on the receiving end when it comes to playing against India in India. But MSD has a lot of choices to make and some calculated risks have to be taken. MSD in his own limitations, has almost perfected the Art and Science of making things happen, he doesn’t wait for things to change the course of the game. Recent past, bringing back Zaheer against Indies and in the same match, throwing the bowl to Raina had been perfect examples. Saving Zaheer’s eight overs was a planned move which worked. So far so good, and I hope MSD’s experiments with truth will fall in place and Sachin might lift the CUP THAT MATTERS

Men In Blue haven been on the receiving end — ALWAYS. Be it criticism or appreciation, they have had it all. In India, cricket has gone beyond the status of being Just a Game. The only consistent partner of the Men in Blue have been the BLUES that they have clung onto. Team India has always earned the tag of being unpredictable and they are living upto it till date. Given their day, they shall surmount the stiffest of the targets and vice versa. It has been a story since decades. The tie against England as well as South Africa has exposed the weakness of Indian strength. The momentum provided by the Top order has certainly not been relayed by the successors. Yousuf Pathan at No. 3 is a wise move but what then is Virat Kohli playing for ?? YP is a great batsman but with equally great limitations. He is the pick for Overs 45 onwards. But with wickets in hand, promoting him is an uncalculated risk as well as wasting a position. Another domain that India has not mastered has been the Batting Powerplay. While they are exceptional with the Mandatory PP, thanks to the opening pair of Sachin and Viru, they have to be careful with their choice to rejoice. Particularly when you are in a stage as we were against the Proteas, PP could and should have been taken in Over 16 itself. The set batsmen were used to the Restricted field placements and just needed to carry on. Even if a wicket had fallen, Gautam Gambhir is am opener by default with a high degree exposure to Powerplays. The ball was hard and new and could have come onto the bat much easier.
Indian Bowling is not worth a discussion. Their is no depth or even width. Even the quantity is insufficient forget the quality. They only promising thing about the bowling in this world cup is the Law of Averages. It gives me the hope that the Indian bowlers will do well in atleast Two matches this world cup, by CHANCE !!
If we learn these small things, and keep ourselves cool in these pressure situations, I am sure we are still a favorite to pick up the cup. Team India, has always needed a wake up call to prosper and am sure they have had Three in the knockout stage so far. Hoping that they have woken up. they will and should win the remaining 4 matches. — Against West Indies, Quater Final, Semis and the FINALS. 🙂 Indiaaaaaaa Indiaaaaaa

Marriage – The simplest way to describe MARRIAGE according to me is the conjunction of two words “MARRY” and “AGE” and so Marriages are Marrying for Ages. This is what they were meant to be, are meant to be and shall always be. In the recent past, however, marriage has taken a different meaning all together. The concept of Marriage would have taken birth during times immemorial. And the tradition is cascaded from generations to generations.
Marriage has often been misunderstood as a Union of two souls across the world. Over here in India, marriage has been always a bond of two families. Its been a relationship that extends beyond the Husband and the wife. It comprises of a new element called IN LAWS and you cannot keep them OUT of the equation.
Modern day marriages have been modified in accordance with the comfort, taste and preferences. The traditional procedures in Indian weddings were backed by Logic and Reasons. Today its a story of Seasons. Right from the Feras to the Vidaai ceremony, everything has a reason strong enough to justify its existence. The dowry practise was never meant to be what it has become today. It was a token amount offered by the Bride’s family to help the Groom settle in life as he was too young to have managed a SAVINGs account. Today, unfortunately Dowry is a curse and is usually dominated by two reasons: The show of wealth by the Bride’s Dad and Price Tag by the Groom’s side. Even the Pheras were meant to be a very serious affair and yet the couples of today treat it as the Most Boring element in the event called wedding. Each promise mentioned has a deep intent and draws out a minimum commitment (Service Level Agreement in today’s corporate jargon) from both the individuals. It talks about certain rules and procedures to be followed. What happens today on account of self-respect, privacy and independence was not even imagined by the rule makers and hence the rules have failed today.
We have accounts of marriage life in most of the Religious books that we read. Ramayana puts a strong emphasis on the family bonding and the treatment of the newly wed and their induction in the family. In the first chapter itself Goddess Parvati speaks with Lord Shiva and requests him to treat her as his follower and she shall abide by all instructions passed on to her by him. Such was the confidence that Mothers bestowed upon the In-laws of their daughters. And on the other side King of Ayodhaya, Dasaratha asks Queen Kausalya to keep Sita like the eyelids protect the eyes. Such was how the daughter-in-laws were to be treated in a family. Even while the departure of Lord Rama to the forest, both the parents asked Sita to stay back as they had a responsibility to take care of her well-being and were okay with sending their own son to the forests. Something somewhere went terribly wrong and we all started treating Marriage as a lighter affair and brought selfish interests and Egos to dominate over the other side. Harassing brides for dowry, filing false anti-dowry cases, suicides, domestic violence and divorces are on an all-time high. The question, “Who, WHO set the tuning wrong?” Is it the last generations or the present generation that has not devoted enough time to understand the ethics of marriage and just flowing like a dead wood.
Today, the entire approach towards marriages has changed and we have Internet here too. Matrimonial sites have taken over from the mediators. Often you find a chain smoker in the Non Smoking category and a Pure Non Vegitarian in the Jain Food category. Only to be realised once the PC monitor is shut and reality check is done. But there are many a success stories here too. You select in accordance with your lifestyle, education and expectations. But the REST ASSURED feeling has faded by this invention. You never know what comes next in life. The mediators atleast had some degree of moral responsibility and afraid of wrongdoings as well.
As a result, a lot of youngsters are steering themselves away from Arranged Marriages and have lost hope in their parents’ ability to choose the right match. Not that the Love Marriage is wrong, but how it is done certainly needs a correction and allignment with the traditional ways. The way marriages were held in front of the known society was to create a sense of acknowledgment of commitments made on either part. There was no way out to abscond. Marriages were meant to be kept and not to walk away from. Another twist in the tale has been the way certain marriages are celebrated these days. Crores of rupees are spent on useless events, people and uncalled for publicity and show off. It is a vulgar display of wealth. In a country bound to eradicate poverty for 70 odd years of independence, it is a shameful act on the part of the people concerned. It is marriages like these which promote the expectations and greed of others and generally hijack the very purpose of the wedding.
The families are too busy entertaining the crowd rather than paying attention to their own families and extended families. The groom leaves the pheras just to see off a minister that might be influential in his Dad’s business. Let us all remember, MARRIAGE IS A COMMITMENT, not meant for ENTERTAINMENT. In this context, love marriages are much better. Atleast they save a lot of money being drained unnecessarily. And they ensure a better understanding amongst the involved parties especially in modern day nuclear families. Love marriages, however, have just one drawback. And that is expectation mismanagement. The expectations hyped before the marriage, is often not realised by the dwarfed reality. If that part is taken care of, love marriages will have a check on their mortality rate.
All said and done, Marriage is a wonderful feeling of being committed and spreading love, not just to the individual but to their family, off-springs and so on. Marriage is a sign of growth and prosperity and not a mere stamping of Made for Each Other tags. It comes with great benefits priced at commitments. Commitment in terms of loyalty, devotion, attention and responsibilities of all sorts. Once in a marriage, you realise how you change lives of people around you. YOU can be that spark in the life they were waiting for. A lot can be done if you have a successful marriage. But if you are not committed or unsure of marriage, please stay away. The cost of a wrong marriage cannot be repaid in cash or even kind.

India in its truest sense

INDIA – A Land of _ _ _ _ _ _ _. A country that gives you a fair independence of filling in the blanks. In the meantime, I prefer calling INDIA as a land of INDIANS. It is amazing to witness such a wide range of demographical content in a country. You think of any country in the world and you immediately click a picture in your mind. When it comes to India, there is often more to it. So much more that people are confused between the different flavours and fail to understand the truest meaning of India.
It is said that the language changes every 28 kms here and when you almost stamp the belief. From Anna in Chennai to Bhau in Mumbai, From Bhaiya Ji in Lucknow to Bhai in Delhi to Veerji in Jalandhar lies the common tag of BROTHERhood. And everything here is customised to taste. You have a Formal Black Suit and suddenly you witness embroidery all over the back. You have a BMW in Chennai but there is a Banana Leaf along the wiper on an auspicious day. This is INDIA for you. You increase the burden of taxes and suddenly you witness the shops giving you an option, ” BILL KE BINA SASTA PADEGA” There is a streetfight and there are hundreds of vehicles that STOP irrespective of their respective destinations. That is INDIA for you. India and England have a TIE in the world cup ODI and all of a sudden we support IRELAND. The IRISH victory made us smile and atleast some sweet wallas earned a penny or two on the occasion as well. That is INDIA for you. They are so busy in watching cricket that the Union Budget was a secondary issue for them. More TV channels were covering the Indian Team than the Finance Minister and the Planning Commission. Less people are protesting the petrol price hike and it will be appropriate if the hike is announced when India wins a World Cup match. Such is my country and such are my Indians. You have a Yoga guru taking on the Leading Political party. And is unfazed. He is confident that he would have done a lot of right things in the past, certainly more than the leaders of the Congress. And hence the debate is an open challenge. You have a Finance Minister proposing schemes to ascertain the amount of Black Money and yet his party is handicapped in announcing the guilty.
The CWG OC head Suresh Kalmadi speaks out, “WHY ONLY ME?” as he knows he is incorrect. He certainly cannot say .”WHY ME?” After all there were Shiela Dikshit and Gill sharing the brownies too. Such is the condition in India. And this again happens only in India. Amidst all this corruption and insensitivity on the governance part, there is another half of India. A HAPPY INDIA. The one that resides in rural areas. That India is indifferent to what happens outside their village and district at max. They are the bunch of lads who will come out of their homes every morning to deliver an honest day’s work, get back to have their meal and sleep to wake up to the next working day. The sad part is the blissful ignorance that has been thrusted upon them by their Urban counterparts. To me it seems to be a Blessing in Disguise. As they say KEEP SAFE DISTANCE. There events are exceptional too but in a different manner. A mishappening in one family leads to sorrow in the entire vicinity. A NEED is addressed by the entire Village, A JOY is celebrated by hundreds and even to celebrate, all of them participate. Every person in the town is a Chacha, Tau aur a Mama to a child. Such is the network of relationships. The term COUSIN is often treated as OFFENSIVE. They are BROTHERS. And their URBAN counterparts are perhaps demoted to being JUST FRIENDs.
On a bigger platform we have cultural, reginal, secular divisions which are missing at a smaller platform. No Hindu temple and I repear NO HINDU TEMPLE would have been made in the recent times without the hand of a MUSLIM artisan or fabricator or Decorator, People visiting Ajmer Sharif are helped by numerous Hindus, People going to Vaishno Devi are given assistance by Muslim pony owners and the list is so on. Several Hindu and Muslim students often go to Christian teachers for getting trained in English. We await the Biryani on Eid and they reciprocate at Holi. The attached Pic displays a Muslim mother accompanying her son dressed as Krishna to school. Such is the greatness of our country. We have always been a country identified with Peace, Harmony, Brotherhood and Happiness. My appeal to all my countrymen, pls let us be the same.

The best part about all this has been one line to describe it all — IT HAPPENS ONLY IN INDIA. That is what has been the essence of India, Indians and Indianism. Whatever happens here, is almost impossible to be practiced elsewhere.

INDIAAAAAA……. INDIYAAAAAAAAA……….One thing all Indians – Super, Inferior or Average have grown up shouting. Not while being questioned for Nationality but while watching Indian cricket team play !! It happens at home, Happens outside a TV Showroom, Happens on the streets, Happens under a tree, On the Couch, At the workstations….You name the place and you will have an Indian feeling cricket there.
Such is the passion and compassion that Indians have for cricket. And it does not get any bigger than this. The BAAP of all cricketing action is here – right here in the subcontinent :-). And what more, almost every second bet is on India. It shall be only an understatement to tag India as favourites. What happens in the next couple of weeks is a mystery, though. But so far so good. And what makes TEAM INDIA so special this time ? You name it and you have it. To begin the onslaught is the Man himself. Sachin Ramesh Tendulkar. Enough to send jitters to many a bowlers, pace or spin; And if he has a partner in Sehwag, it could not get any better value for your money. To walk into their footsteps is going to be Gautam Gambhir, the mainstay of Indian batting since 2008. What happens next is Suresh Raina, Virat Kohli, Yuvraj Singh and M.S. Dhoni.
If that was not enough, you have Yousuf Pathan in the squad who has had quite a series in South Africa smashing the Proteas in their zone. And to add Spice to the dressing you have Bhajji and Zaheer who have no respect for the ball while batting. Such is the batting potential that Indian line up boasts of. The challenge remains with the bowling department. Besides Bhajji and Zaheer, their is no edge in the attack. 30 overs are to be shared amongst lesser experienced or under performing bowlers. But we hope that the men with golden arms, Sehwag, Sachin, Raina, Yuvi can ride on their luck and turn it around.
And not to forget, the law of averages suggests that India has not had the cup in as many as 29 years. Thus, there is a good chance of India winning the cup under all permutations and combinations. The team wants to gift it to SRT and that is a cause noble enough for God to be listening 🙂 Wish all Indians a very happy world cup 2011.

CBI – Neither the name nor the (de) fame is hidden for this organisation. It is supposed to be the most efficient and trustworthy government investigation agency. It was formed to ensure Cracking of even the most complex and complicated cases in the country. But has it lived upto it ?

The answer to this question will come out without thinking even for a moment. Over the years, it has been used by the Union Government to armtwist the opposition and company. It is a matter of grief, that a case like Arushi’s has been doing rounds in the Police Stations, Courts, Media and Conversations. The entire nation wakes up every month anticipating some development in the case and every month they realise that it is gonna take longer. Today, when the court has asked CBI to re investigate the case, all of us understand the swiftness that will be adopted now and the accused will have a new life from here on. A life which they could not have wished or even imagined. If they are guilty and found so, it is still digestable. But, if they are not, the grief that the mourning parents will go through is unprecedented and unimaginable.

What needs to be understood is the room for loopholes that are gifted to the criminals. It is strange how these bodies function and what makes it so easy for the wrong doers, to go on and leave the rest wondering whats gonna happen next !!Be it any case or event, India and Indians have been on the suffering end, more often than not. The life is priceless in India just like any other country but on the other side, life is much cheaper than any price that it is tagged for. Treating Ajmal Kasab with Non Veg twice a week and spending crores of rupees (out of the Tax payer’s pocket) is what we call a fair practice and humanity. But the twist in the tale is that it is only in such cases, that our government reminds itself of Humanity. What it does to others is to build the confidence of others trying to make a career in WRONG DOING. What attracts immediate attention is someone killed by the military. We are trying to pile up so much pressure on Military that they might end up thinking thrice before pressing the trigger.
It is high time that Justice moves at a faster pace to ensure that the Guilty are brought to justice.
CBI alone cannot be held responsible for the wrong doings. But still it is Accountable. It is said that the strength of a chain is its weakest link. And in our country there are far too many weak links in the investigating agencies. It is not a BJP or a Congress that should command and instruct the CBI but it should be the available facts and figures that need to lead a case. People in India are not sure of the results of any case, even if the Crime is basic and transparent in nature. Everyone has a 50% probability of winning in this country. The right as well as the wrong. I am sure this is not what we meant by the term EQUALITY in our constitution 🙂 . The witnesses are traded, the judges are bribed, the advocates mediate, the cops are on sale, escalations are non existant. It is a matter of shame that today, Legislative Wing is with the strong and judiciary is with the rich. JAI HIND !!

The rise and fall of CHATUR-ism

Chatur Ramallingam – One of the finest characters of 3 Idiots. The guy whom none of us can easily forget. And it is not just because of the movie but the number of CHATURs in our proximity act as reminders 🙂

The cut-off in DU is reaching news Highs every session. Someone scoring a 80% is looked doen as a mere loser. It is an irony that in our country Population and unemployment are rising parallely. More people are passing out of more colleges and more is the Vacancy across sectors due to unavailability of employable manpower. The number of Engineers that pass out of our country is second to none but the infrastructure — The Quality and Quantity cannot be undermined any further. We are still dealing with technology transfer for IT, Defence and Infrastructure and more often than not, are on the recipient end of the transfer. Though, we have natives who are more than capable of inventions and their respective implementations. Just like Chatur, we are nurturing children as a Marks / Grade securing breed which is cultivated annually. In the process, we are losing out on their overall development, inter-personal skills, physical activeness, etc.All that students focus is on the textbooks and the marks oozing out of reading them.
It is a sorry state of affairs to witness. The education system is not paying a thought either. If Harward Business school can decline Jach Welch’s admission application, we cannot expect much from our system as well. The intelligence of candidates is guaged by extreme questions. In an interview, if someone declares cooking as his hobby, the question thrown at him would be something like ,” What is the temperature of the Blue and Yellow Flame while the stove is ignited?” ever wondered if this knowledge was essential for cooking, 99% moms wouldn’t have cooked the daily meals…. Such is the situation in our country.
The schools, colleges, universities, employment organisations, most of them are looking for photocopiers of Text Books. In a candidate, they are looking for the knowledge and innovations our forefathers did…. Why would you need to ask him the technology of a Petrol Combustion engine… They have been invented… Develop a system where he can think beyond… The engine was desgined when it never was into existence..?? Wright brothers would not have studied Aeronautical Engineering in a manner it is being taught today… Certainly
The important question here is, ” Do we need innovators, entrepreneurs, imaginators or do we need historians who just know what has been done so far on earth ?? The answer is Former but the factual existence is Latter…
As a trainer, i visit many campuses, engineering and management. There are so many innovative products, management thoughts, amazing business plans lying untouched in the Labs and Conference Rooms. Some are there to welcome the guests, the others are to inspire the Junior batches. What is the concerned ministry doing to promote such project studies, project work, research work done, business plans built for Entrepreneurs ??
The answer to all this is ,” We have a committee, department, ministry, etc to take care of such things and we are sure something is done in that regard for sure.
I am all praises for Rashmi who came up with books like STAY HUNGRY, STAY FOOLISH and CONNECT THE DOTS ..More people should research on successful entrepreneurs and spread the word around. Be Self – Employed, you might go ahead and get a chance to employ more. Do that Extra thing, get that extra Zing !! More and more parents should read such success stories and let the passion overrule logic…When you permit, IT DOES…
Students have been working hard on Bio Fuel, Battery operated cars, Solar panels, Water Harvesting, etc etc but most of that unnotices.
We have WONDERFUL people doing wonders and nothing else…..