Dear Mr. Kejriwal,

Being an Ambani agent is not a crime. Ambani, to me, has done more good than bad to the country. Over the years he risked and brought products and services that you and I use everyday. Ambanis would have employed more people than all AAP combined. They would have created more professionals in India and abroad than a bunch of anarchists. You were an IRS yourself. The core of an IRS is Revenue. It is self explanatory that profit seeking is no crime. You and I seek revenues for whatever you do. You call it Donations, he calls them profits and I call it as Salary. I am a more common man than you. I have less assets than you, my salary is far less than the donations that your NGO would have received. But that does not make me shout slogans against successful people. Why only Ambani and Adani ? Just because they did not fund you? Why not Jindals and Munjals and others?

It is okay to shout and scream for political motives but why not match volume with content? While I hear from you the scams and profits made by Ambanis, I have also heard of the hospitals, colleges, factories, mills, telecom offices, Gas Exploration fields etc. Do only Ambanis work there? No. There are Sharmas, Vermas, Manjrekars, Banerjees and maybe a few Kejriwals also who draw dividends, salaries, bonuses from the mentioned avenues. We live in a democracy and have our rights to oppose and criticize but let us also ensure that our stick ends where the nose starts. I am not employed by the Ambanis and Adanis but some part of me goes out to thank them for opportunities that they created for my fellow countrymen. Your endorsement might be the last thing that anyways act as a clearance certificate for honesty. Please stare at the ground reality and that states – Mr. Arvind Kejriwal – The law of the land exists to take care of corruption and injustice. Your certificates are neither appreciated nor required by anyone, NO, not even by the commonest man. I do not see any mechanism that transforms a person from dishonest to honest on joining / supporting AAP and vice versa. Even for Delhi, Kiran Bedi is as honest a person as yourself. So, being honest will not earn you more brownie points here Sir.

You came with an immensely pure intent and was more than pleased to attend the event at Ramlila. Supported Anna and the entire team but unfortunately the way you opened up on Shiela Dikshit, and other big time scams, it hurt. I request you to go back to your crusade against corruption which is far more important for a common man than you being the CM.

And if you do not, and continue labeling everyone as Ambani and Adani agent, we might see a #JeSuisAmbani very soon.