Dear Ram Singh and Company,
You have not raped and murdered a girl. You have killed the hope which prompted girls to work and earn a living. You have murdered the chances of many other girls coming to Delhi to realise their dreams. You have killed the idea of someone becoming another Indira Gandhi at the very inception stage. You have raped the faith which my fellow countrymen will have before sending their sisters and daughters outside their homes. You have killed the idea of educating the girl child in an already orthodox nation. But you did not stop. You went further. It was every soul that you managed to tear apart. You did not throw two human beings outside the bus. You threw freedom and humanity out of life for many. You went on. You did not undress the bodies, you took the skin off the mankind. You went on.
You drove the bus and had tea and watched TV. While driving you crushed empathy, sipped blood and took away the vision of a safe India. You washed the bus and the stains. But what about the blots that today rest in our eyes and make our vision blur. 
Were you not reminded of your mother? I guess not. Because people like you have no mothers. You only have women in and out of your lives with a placement of flesh slightly different than your body. 
Tell me Mr. Singh, I ask as an ordinary citizen, a brother, a husband, a son and colleague, why should we not reciprocate the same?
And tell me Mrs. Gandhi, Mrs. Swaraj, Mrs. Dikshit and others, is being a portray of women rights enough? I guess not.