Heartfelt congratulations to women working in the ultra modern city of Gurgaon. It is amazing how our authorities bring out best solutions like these. This is certainly going to help. But, if we may ask the basis of this ruling.

Are women raped only after 8 PM?

  • Will the MEN sign an agreement that they will not rape before 8 PM?
  • Why have the Malls, Pubs and Nightclubs only been included and not other establishments?
  • What timings will we now have for the NIGHTCLUBS? (Perhaps 10 AM – 5 PM)
  • Is there a stronger vigil or security till 8 PM?
  • Why is this ruling not being made applicable PAN INDIA?

Unfortulately, the makers of this policy do not understand that it is not the working status / habits of women that lead to rape cases. The problem lies elsewhere. Women are raped in paddy fields, trains, mornings, afternoons, trains, buses, autos, cars, home – by strangers, acquaintances, family men, relatives, friends, domestic servants ….. Putting a ban will mean that the step is taken to secure about 0.002% of the women population.


Unless there is a proper mechanism to curb the culprits, this will go on and on. Police constables were involved in gangrape in Mumbai a couple of years back, several politicians have already rape cases against their names, NGOs too are participating in this heinious crime. Will such a ruling help? I have doubts. 


Further, why don’t we think the other way? Why do we not discourage the Rapists? Is it not unfair to ban the victim community from conducting a work which is Legal and their Fundamental right? The wrong doers are allowed to walk free and the victims are now being asked to refrain. A while back Delhi’s Chief Minister urged women to stay indoors. Why, why are the governments and its authorities on a backfoot? Why not give a charge against RAPES? 


Finally, if 8 PM is the deadline of safety – Why was our prime minister so adamant on inviting the likes of Mamata Banerjee, Sonia Gandhi, Ambika Soni etc? Dinners are a post 8 PM affair.


Request the concerned to kindly take a note and stop coming out with such defensive ploys. Ban the culprits and not the Victimised.