The entire world has witnessed the killing of oSama by oBama — or an Ass (S) by a Bee (B).

The question before we let this die are :

Osama has been fighting his Kidney malfunctioning so far. There was no Dialysis equipment found in the mansion. Where did he get the treatment from ? The nearest infrastructure was the Military hospital ……?? Strange but true.

If ISI knew it for so long, why was the information not shared with US with higher level of intensity ?

If Pakistan is an ally to US and US did not pay attention to its shared intelligence, why did Pakistan not take action against Bin Laden and hand him over to its friend, the USA?

If Pakistan did not know about the operation, why was there a power cut in the area at the time of the operation ?

If Osama had been in Pakistan and staying as close to the Military Academy, what were the locals doing ?

Everyone now claims they were suspicious of the house and strange behavior, why did they not raise their voices?

What are the expectations that US has from Pakistan now ?

Shall India be permitted to carry out such an act against Hafees Sayeed / Dawood Ibrahim ?

If not, then why not ? If the answer is integrity, why was it compromised with the US ?

What will India learns from this operation ? The answer to this question is perhaps the easiest. NOTHING. India, what will we do? We haven’t been able to bring Afzal Guru to the penalty, we have not been able to punish Kasab, what will we do to the ones in Pakistan… That requires GUTS and Indian leadership certainly lacks that.

Please feel free to answer any or all of the above questions. The country needs answers and the world needs answers too.