India – The favorites to lift the Cup avoided any last minute upsets to gain what they were expected to. Everybody thought and most believed that India is the team to do it. More possibilities, however, of a South Africa – India Final. Not to be, Sri Lanka had a fortune when South Africa surrendered to the Kiwis. All cricket Playing nations have had a surprising outing so far. Some had a better face-off with their luck than the others.
This World Cup carries a lot of interpretations across the Globe. All cricket playing nations have had more than a story or two, to be taken out of the book.

INDIA : The champions, with the Cup win, now have a platform that they have to stand upon. It was not easy to be up there and it is certainly going to be tougher to be there for as long as the next world cup. India has picked up the knack of picking the right things at the right time, but for how long is the question. What impressed about India, was their transition from an ordinary outfit to extraordinary in accordance with the stage of the tournament. Higher the pressure mounted, higher the response. Their Body Language said it all. The kind of fielding display during the initial 30 overs was a pleasant sight. They gave their 110% if not more. No wonders, it eventually was the difference in the margin of victory. Another pick from the Indian Team was the Squad Selection and the belief they had in replacements. There was no Panic displayed, no ugly signs of hopelessness. MSD played whomsoever he liked and had no regrets. All said and done, this World Cup re-confirms the motivation youngsters needed to develop themselves as Cricketers. And this is truly a job WELL DONE and Keep Going

Positives : Yuvraj, Virat Kohli, Gambhir, Sehwag, Sachin, Raina, Ashwin, Zaheer Khan;
Need Improvement : Munaf, Sreesanth, Yousuf Pathan
BENCH : Ishant Sharma, Robin Uthappa, Praveen Kumar

SRI LANKA : The biggest problem with Sri Lanka was the confidence that they had on themselves to reach the Final. They always believed they could reach the final and as they say YOU GO AS FAR AS YOUR CONFIDENCE DOES. They lacked the self backing which could have pushed them beyond than Reaching the Final. And this has been their problem in the recent past. Key series in the last five years have seen Sri Lanka faulter on the final frontier. And this is a Big Enough problem. Another undoing with Sri Lanka was their squad selection. They did not back their strengths while playing India. Instead, they went on to decide the team according to India’s weakness. In other words, they were dependent upon India’s mistakes which did not happen. So, Sri Lanka will now have to re-work their Squad and Strategies, moreover with the great Murali’s exit.

POSITIVES : Sangakara, Dilshan, Mahela, Tharanga, Mendis, Angelo.
NEGATIVES : Murali’s Retirement.

PAKISTAN : Pakistan is one country which has truly brought itself on the track. The amount of positives drawn out of Pakistan Team are at par with the best of all-time recoveries. From the Gaddafi shoot-out, they have launched themselves into Pure and Committed Cricket. The problem with PCB was never the Lack of Talented players, it was always the Intent. The last thing Pakistan Cricketers ever focussed on was their game. They had so much to worry about, right from Match Fixing to Terror attacks to the ignorance by other teams. Pakistan Team, in the last couple of years have done immensely well to getting the right things right on track. They might have lost out but they have won the hearts of many, in Pakistan and across the border too. Well Played and there is a lot of potential that is in store for Cricket lovers.

+ves — Afridi;s Bowling, Misbah, Younus Khan, Akmal, Bowling.
-ves — Fielding, Batting consistency.

AUSTRALIA : This is one team that is gradually losing the sheen, bit by bit. Last couple of years have been terrible for the Kangaroos. They had results, players, awards, stats all by their stride for almost two decades. Unfortunately for them, they are slipping that out at a rapid pace. They have to make mends before it is too late. Mind you, they still have the ingredients to do that. Where they faultered ? Simple. They could not see what teams like India could. The exit of key players like McGrath, Warne, Hayden, Gilchrist. They were too late to realise the inevitable. They suffered from the Ostrich Syndrome. The same that West Indies has been suffering after the likes of Great Clive Lloyd, Viv Richards, Ambrose, Walsh and BC Lara. They also could not fing suitable replacements at the earliest convenient. This World Cup has sent the warning signals to Team Australia and hope they are watching.

+ve — Watson, Clarke, Fielding, Tait and Hussey
-ve — Ponting, Johnson and Inconsistency

SOUTH AFRICA : The proteas are at it again. Unarguably the best side of the cup and yet again failing to prove it at the stage where it matters the most. South Africa had all what it takes to win a Title Clash but they lacked LUCK. The only Law to have worked against the South Africa team has been the Law of Averages, they lose out after a series of Wins simply because it Happens. The probability has always struck them at times when it hurts the most. All I can say to them is to keep the adrenalin flowing. You will Make it and You shall Take it.

ENGLAND : The father of cricket has been the single most consistent contender of INCONSISTENCY. The team that can give you SHOCKS of both charges, Negative as well as Positive. The ASHES showed that England is one team to watch out for this World Cup. The ODI series against the same opposition did exactly the opposite. Match against India displayed character and grit to fight it out. The one against Ireland showed complacency and surrender. I am in no position to comment on England as they themselves know they are team which is far better than what they pretend to be. Strange but True.

IRELAND : Ireland is my pick of this world cup. The most committed, strong and determined team of this event. They fought it out with opponents who carried repute. The fielding was spot on, the bowling had aggression and the batsmen had intent. Well Done and am sure they are better than Kenya, Canada, Netherlands and close to Zimbawe and Bangladesh with less years of International Cricket. 🙂

KENYA : Degradation at work. Constant failure in delivery and no display of efforts to improve. Not carrying high hopes, rather any hopes.

NETHERLANDS : There are better things than AMSTERDAM if focus in implimented.

NEW ZEALAND : Good Team, Great Spirits but lack the consistency. The bowling and fielding have fared better than their Batting over a long period of time. They can easily pick their game up to the next level with a slight improvement on their Batting consistency. Good enough to lift the next world cup but conditions apply.

ZIMBABWE : One team that has done most injustice to its long existence in the ICC cricket playing nations. No steady find after the likes of Flower brothers, Streak etc. More than them, ICC has to rethink their existence 😦

Request you all to kindly share your views in either case, approval or denial to my observations.

Cheers to Team India. Jai HIND.