Men In Blue haven been on the receiving end — ALWAYS. Be it criticism or appreciation, they have had it all. In India, cricket has gone beyond the status of being Just a Game. The only consistent partner of the Men in Blue have been the BLUES that they have clung onto. Team India has always earned the tag of being unpredictable and they are living upto it till date. Given their day, they shall surmount the stiffest of the targets and vice versa. It has been a story since decades. The tie against England as well as South Africa has exposed the weakness of Indian strength. The momentum provided by the Top order has certainly not been relayed by the successors. Yousuf Pathan at No. 3 is a wise move but what then is Virat Kohli playing for ?? YP is a great batsman but with equally great limitations. He is the pick for Overs 45 onwards. But with wickets in hand, promoting him is an uncalculated risk as well as wasting a position. Another domain that India has not mastered has been the Batting Powerplay. While they are exceptional with the Mandatory PP, thanks to the opening pair of Sachin and Viru, they have to be careful with their choice to rejoice. Particularly when you are in a stage as we were against the Proteas, PP could and should have been taken in Over 16 itself. The set batsmen were used to the Restricted field placements and just needed to carry on. Even if a wicket had fallen, Gautam Gambhir is am opener by default with a high degree exposure to Powerplays. The ball was hard and new and could have come onto the bat much easier.
Indian Bowling is not worth a discussion. Their is no depth or even width. Even the quantity is insufficient forget the quality. They only promising thing about the bowling in this world cup is the Law of Averages. It gives me the hope that the Indian bowlers will do well in atleast Two matches this world cup, by CHANCE !!
If we learn these small things, and keep ourselves cool in these pressure situations, I am sure we are still a favorite to pick up the cup. Team India, has always needed a wake up call to prosper and am sure they have had Three in the knockout stage so far. Hoping that they have woken up. they will and should win the remaining 4 matches. — Against West Indies, Quater Final, Semis and the FINALS. 🙂 Indiaaaaaaa Indiaaaaaa