India in its truest sense

INDIA – A Land of _ _ _ _ _ _ _. A country that gives you a fair independence of filling in the blanks. In the meantime, I prefer calling INDIA as a land of INDIANS. It is amazing to witness such a wide range of demographical content in a country. You think of any country in the world and you immediately click a picture in your mind. When it comes to India, there is often more to it. So much more that people are confused between the different flavours and fail to understand the truest meaning of India.
It is said that the language changes every 28 kms here and when you almost stamp the belief. From Anna in Chennai to Bhau in Mumbai, From Bhaiya Ji in Lucknow to Bhai in Delhi to Veerji in Jalandhar lies the common tag of BROTHERhood. And everything here is customised to taste. You have a Formal Black Suit and suddenly you witness embroidery all over the back. You have a BMW in Chennai but there is a Banana Leaf along the wiper on an auspicious day. This is INDIA for you. You increase the burden of taxes and suddenly you witness the shops giving you an option, ” BILL KE BINA SASTA PADEGA” There is a streetfight and there are hundreds of vehicles that STOP irrespective of their respective destinations. That is INDIA for you. India and England have a TIE in the world cup ODI and all of a sudden we support IRELAND. The IRISH victory made us smile and atleast some sweet wallas earned a penny or two on the occasion as well. That is INDIA for you. They are so busy in watching cricket that the Union Budget was a secondary issue for them. More TV channels were covering the Indian Team than the Finance Minister and the Planning Commission. Less people are protesting the petrol price hike and it will be appropriate if the hike is announced when India wins a World Cup match. Such is my country and such are my Indians. You have a Yoga guru taking on the Leading Political party. And is unfazed. He is confident that he would have done a lot of right things in the past, certainly more than the leaders of the Congress. And hence the debate is an open challenge. You have a Finance Minister proposing schemes to ascertain the amount of Black Money and yet his party is handicapped in announcing the guilty.
The CWG OC head Suresh Kalmadi speaks out, “WHY ONLY ME?” as he knows he is incorrect. He certainly cannot say .”WHY ME?” After all there were Shiela Dikshit and Gill sharing the brownies too. Such is the condition in India. And this again happens only in India. Amidst all this corruption and insensitivity on the governance part, there is another half of India. A HAPPY INDIA. The one that resides in rural areas. That India is indifferent to what happens outside their village and district at max. They are the bunch of lads who will come out of their homes every morning to deliver an honest day’s work, get back to have their meal and sleep to wake up to the next working day. The sad part is the blissful ignorance that has been thrusted upon them by their Urban counterparts. To me it seems to be a Blessing in Disguise. As they say KEEP SAFE DISTANCE. There events are exceptional too but in a different manner. A mishappening in one family leads to sorrow in the entire vicinity. A NEED is addressed by the entire Village, A JOY is celebrated by hundreds and even to celebrate, all of them participate. Every person in the town is a Chacha, Tau aur a Mama to a child. Such is the network of relationships. The term COUSIN is often treated as OFFENSIVE. They are BROTHERS. And their URBAN counterparts are perhaps demoted to being JUST FRIENDs.
On a bigger platform we have cultural, reginal, secular divisions which are missing at a smaller platform. No Hindu temple and I repear NO HINDU TEMPLE would have been made in the recent times without the hand of a MUSLIM artisan or fabricator or Decorator, People visiting Ajmer Sharif are helped by numerous Hindus, People going to Vaishno Devi are given assistance by Muslim pony owners and the list is so on. Several Hindu and Muslim students often go to Christian teachers for getting trained in English. We await the Biryani on Eid and they reciprocate at Holi. The attached Pic displays a Muslim mother accompanying her son dressed as Krishna to school. Such is the greatness of our country. We have always been a country identified with Peace, Harmony, Brotherhood and Happiness. My appeal to all my countrymen, pls let us be the same.

The best part about all this has been one line to describe it all — IT HAPPENS ONLY IN INDIA. That is what has been the essence of India, Indians and Indianism. Whatever happens here, is almost impossible to be practiced elsewhere.