INDIAAAAAA……. INDIYAAAAAAAAA……….One thing all Indians – Super, Inferior or Average have grown up shouting. Not while being questioned for Nationality but while watching Indian cricket team play !! It happens at home, Happens outside a TV Showroom, Happens on the streets, Happens under a tree, On the Couch, At the workstations….You name the place and you will have an Indian feeling cricket there.
Such is the passion and compassion that Indians have for cricket. And it does not get any bigger than this. The BAAP of all cricketing action is here – right here in the subcontinent :-). And what more, almost every second bet is on India. It shall be only an understatement to tag India as favourites. What happens in the next couple of weeks is a mystery, though. But so far so good. And what makes TEAM INDIA so special this time ? You name it and you have it. To begin the onslaught is the Man himself. Sachin Ramesh Tendulkar. Enough to send jitters to many a bowlers, pace or spin; And if he has a partner in Sehwag, it could not get any better value for your money. To walk into their footsteps is going to be Gautam Gambhir, the mainstay of Indian batting since 2008. What happens next is Suresh Raina, Virat Kohli, Yuvraj Singh and M.S. Dhoni.
If that was not enough, you have Yousuf Pathan in the squad who has had quite a series in South Africa smashing the Proteas in their zone. And to add Spice to the dressing you have Bhajji and Zaheer who have no respect for the ball while batting. Such is the batting potential that Indian line up boasts of. The challenge remains with the bowling department. Besides Bhajji and Zaheer, their is no edge in the attack. 30 overs are to be shared amongst lesser experienced or under performing bowlers. But we hope that the men with golden arms, Sehwag, Sachin, Raina, Yuvi can ride on their luck and turn it around.
And not to forget, the law of averages suggests that India has not had the cup in as many as 29 years. Thus, there is a good chance of India winning the cup under all permutations and combinations. The team wants to gift it to SRT and that is a cause noble enough for God to be listening 🙂 Wish all Indians a very happy world cup 2011.