CBI – Neither the name nor the (de) fame is hidden for this organisation. It is supposed to be the most efficient and trustworthy government investigation agency. It was formed to ensure Cracking of even the most complex and complicated cases in the country. But has it lived upto it ?

The answer to this question will come out without thinking even for a moment. Over the years, it has been used by the Union Government to armtwist the opposition and company. It is a matter of grief, that a case like Arushi’s has been doing rounds in the Police Stations, Courts, Media and Conversations. The entire nation wakes up every month anticipating some development in the case and every month they realise that it is gonna take longer. Today, when the court has asked CBI to re investigate the case, all of us understand the swiftness that will be adopted now and the accused will have a new life from here on. A life which they could not have wished or even imagined. If they are guilty and found so, it is still digestable. But, if they are not, the grief that the mourning parents will go through is unprecedented and unimaginable.

What needs to be understood is the room for loopholes that are gifted to the criminals. It is strange how these bodies function and what makes it so easy for the wrong doers, to go on and leave the rest wondering whats gonna happen next !!Be it any case or event, India and Indians have been on the suffering end, more often than not. The life is priceless in India just like any other country but on the other side, life is much cheaper than any price that it is tagged for. Treating Ajmal Kasab with Non Veg twice a week and spending crores of rupees (out of the Tax payer’s pocket) is what we call a fair practice and humanity. But the twist in the tale is that it is only in such cases, that our government reminds itself of Humanity. What it does to others is to build the confidence of others trying to make a career in WRONG DOING. What attracts immediate attention is someone killed by the military. We are trying to pile up so much pressure on Military that they might end up thinking thrice before pressing the trigger.
It is high time that Justice moves at a faster pace to ensure that the Guilty are brought to justice.
CBI alone cannot be held responsible for the wrong doings. But still it is Accountable. It is said that the strength of a chain is its weakest link. And in our country there are far too many weak links in the investigating agencies. It is not a BJP or a Congress that should command and instruct the CBI but it should be the available facts and figures that need to lead a case. People in India are not sure of the results of any case, even if the Crime is basic and transparent in nature. Everyone has a 50% probability of winning in this country. The right as well as the wrong. I am sure this is not what we meant by the term EQUALITY in our constitution 🙂 . The witnesses are traded, the judges are bribed, the advocates mediate, the cops are on sale, escalations are non existant. It is a matter of shame that today, Legislative Wing is with the strong and judiciary is with the rich. JAI HIND !!