Chatur Ramallingam – One of the finest characters of 3 Idiots. The guy whom none of us can easily forget. And it is not just because of the movie but the number of CHATURs in our proximity act as reminders 🙂

The cut-off in DU is reaching news Highs every session. Someone scoring a 80% is looked doen as a mere loser. It is an irony that in our country Population and unemployment are rising parallely. More people are passing out of more colleges and more is the Vacancy across sectors due to unavailability of employable manpower. The number of Engineers that pass out of our country is second to none but the infrastructure — The Quality and Quantity cannot be undermined any further. We are still dealing with technology transfer for IT, Defence and Infrastructure and more often than not, are on the recipient end of the transfer. Though, we have natives who are more than capable of inventions and their respective implementations. Just like Chatur, we are nurturing children as a Marks / Grade securing breed which is cultivated annually. In the process, we are losing out on their overall development, inter-personal skills, physical activeness, etc.All that students focus is on the textbooks and the marks oozing out of reading them.
It is a sorry state of affairs to witness. The education system is not paying a thought either. If Harward Business school can decline Jach Welch’s admission application, we cannot expect much from our system as well. The intelligence of candidates is guaged by extreme questions. In an interview, if someone declares cooking as his hobby, the question thrown at him would be something like ,” What is the temperature of the Blue and Yellow Flame while the stove is ignited?” ever wondered if this knowledge was essential for cooking, 99% moms wouldn’t have cooked the daily meals…. Such is the situation in our country.
The schools, colleges, universities, employment organisations, most of them are looking for photocopiers of Text Books. In a candidate, they are looking for the knowledge and innovations our forefathers did…. Why would you need to ask him the technology of a Petrol Combustion engine… They have been invented… Develop a system where he can think beyond… The engine was desgined when it never was into existence..?? Wright brothers would not have studied Aeronautical Engineering in a manner it is being taught today… Certainly
The important question here is, ” Do we need innovators, entrepreneurs, imaginators or do we need historians who just know what has been done so far on earth ?? The answer is Former but the factual existence is Latter…
As a trainer, i visit many campuses, engineering and management. There are so many innovative products, management thoughts, amazing business plans lying untouched in the Labs and Conference Rooms. Some are there to welcome the guests, the others are to inspire the Junior batches. What is the concerned ministry doing to promote such project studies, project work, research work done, business plans built for Entrepreneurs ??
The answer to all this is ,” We have a committee, department, ministry, etc to take care of such things and we are sure something is done in that regard for sure.
I am all praises for Rashmi who came up with books like STAY HUNGRY, STAY FOOLISH and CONNECT THE DOTS ..More people should research on successful entrepreneurs and spread the word around. Be Self – Employed, you might go ahead and get a chance to employ more. Do that Extra thing, get that extra Zing !! More and more parents should read such success stories and let the passion overrule logic…When you permit, IT DOES…
Students have been working hard on Bio Fuel, Battery operated cars, Solar panels, Water Harvesting, etc etc but most of that unnotices.
We have WONDERFUL people doing wonders and nothing else…..