Delhi – The capital of Gandhi’s India. Mahatma Gandhi, a man who always laid great emphasis on Women – their Respect and Liberty. A man, who self imposed Bhramcharya in his mid thirties. Little did he know what the future generations of the country are going to do. And all of it in the heart of Incredible India – Delhi.

The cosmopolitan city, led by a Female Chief Minister, Capital of a country that has a female President and a Female leading the ruling party. Sounds strange but true. Right from Jessica to the class 4th girl molested on 20th Dec by a 66 years old teacher at Srinivaspuri, Delhi has witnessed the plight of women, no developed city would have. The question — Whose fault is it ??

It is a nightmare for a woman to even think of the dirt and filth that they go through even on hearing such notorious activities. One such deed is powerful enough to move the minds of hundreds in fear. It is events like these that puts the ambitious girls in backfoot. It is crimes like these that force parents into enforce early marriage for girls, it is nuisances like these that deprive the Woman of her right to equality, Safety and Respect.

WHY ??
Is it the legality of Sex for those who have made it a necessity? I think this could be a possible solution given the trends that reveal that most of the culprits indulge in such heinous crimes are Unmarried or Sex starved. The next fault could be with the degradation of values in our society. Probably, mothers are not imbibing the right culture in their sons and not creating the respect for women in their minds. Another factor here could be working mothers. they do not have enough time to take up these core ethics and also mentoring the kids right from their childhood to adolescence. Or, it it the lack of Coeducational existence where the Girls and Boys brought up together command an equitable respect and understanding of each other.

Another factor here is the kind of media content which is available with relative ease. From SMS to MMS, from Internet to Mobile Phones, from data card to laptops, from I pods to Magazines, their is enough content to spread incomplete knowledge and infinite zeal in a few sections of the society. Men have stopped treating women with the kind of respect they deserve. They are treated like mere items of pleasure and fun in the modern day. Right from a millionaire to a road side chap, everyman is waiting for an opportunity or creating one. As our home minister, P Chidambaram said, These are Opportunistic Crimes. My question – Is it worthwhile to term the Crime as an opportunity ?? whatever the term we use, such crimes are certainly not welcome by any member or the society as a whole.

The next question — What next ?? Yes, what next when such a crime happens ? I have not seen many cases that have come to a conclusion yet. How many of the cases filed under Sec 376 of IPC have been completely resolved till date? And is a 7 year punishment enough for spoiling the lifetime of a fellow human being? It isn’t only the law that is responsible. There are girls, women and their families, who are to blame as well. Molestations, rape and gang rapes are undisclosed more often than not. The families treat such things as disrespectful to the women and not vice versa. A funny solution that some families work out is to get the girl married to the culprit. How can a girl be willing ti settle a lifetime with a guy who carries no respect for women ??

There are pepper sprays, self defense programs, police helpline etc but they are used sparingly. And the blame also lies with the public at large. If we witness such things happening, we prefer to blissfully ignore the event considering it as her personal matter. Absolutely Disgusting. We are the ones that invite them to live and flourish in our society. In buses, we are the ones who never get up for a lady to be seated at a safer place. The question that we ask — Why should I get up? Let her face the music of travelling in the bus….. The question to be rephrased as — Can I do something that will ensure safer commutation for this lady?? Delhi Metro has come up with a Ladies Only coach which is a good thing but there are more women that can fit in the Ladies Only Coaches. for all other coaches it requires MEN like us to impose self-control, respect for women, dare to interfere to ensure Delhi to be a woman’s city of preference.

Shiela Dikshit and her party have accused Narendra Modi over the wrong doings several times but HAVE YOU EVER BOTHERED to call and check how Ahmedabad treates women ?? Why are women safe even at nights ?

It will require sincere efforts from our Police, The respective Government, Us, The women and their families to contribute to the cause — A better Delhi. So, please reach out for help, please volunteer in whatever manner that you can and PLEASE ENSURE SELF-CONTROL because if I control and you control, things would always be UNDER CONTROL.

In the meantime, what can be done :

Ensure police patrols at spots like Dhaula Kuan, Ridge Road, Nelson Mandela Marg, and similar spots that involve a round the clock traffic involving women.
Ensure one Delhi Police guy in a DTC bus.
Plying of more LADIES SPECIAL buses.
Promote schemes for lady drivers for CABS, Autos etc.
Place a Helpline Phone, Alarm Switch or similar gadget at all Bus Stops, Metro Stations, Subways, markets etc.
CCTV cameras to be installed at red lights, buses, metro coaches etc.
More NGO – Govt partnerships in educating girls on Self Defense techniques.
More NGO – Govt partnerships in educating boys on self control and respect for women.
Stricter punishments for the guilty in a stipulated time.
Chief Minister’s accountability for the efforts to stop / minimize the crimes of this sort.

I trust that we will all contribute in whatever limited capacities that we might have. keep thinking of even more ideas till we meet again at this place.