Anupam Kher has come up with a precise definition of Secularism in today’s India. Secularism is defined as pinpointing the Hindu religion. Unfortunately, India has come up with a very different understanding of Secularism. If you call Hindu Groups, extremists or moderate, as anti-social , you are Politically correct and Secular. Secularism never had such meaning since its Inception.
What Rahul Gandhi said was nothing different. Entire Congress has been deliberately doing the same over the last half a decade. Be it P Chidambaram’s saffron Brigade, Or Digvijay’s funny quotes on Hindus or the anti-majority drive followed by the Tope Congress leaders, its a routine to catch congressmen being Anti-Hinduism in their communication.
Being Secular is certainly not Blaming it on one particular religion One Time and Every Time. UPA blames Narendra Modi for his biased efforts against the minority, what are you doing to the majority ?? Is it necessary to pass on remarks on Hindu outfits to please the minorities ? How will it help, Rahul? Is it a hidden thing what Aurangzeb did to the temples ?? Was he a Hindu extremist ? And you are complaining about this to the US ?? Funny, Osama Bin Laden, their biggest enemy till date, was he a Hindu extremist ?? I don’t think so Mr. Junior Gandhi…Further, Ajmal Amir Kasab, Afzal Guru — which of them carries a Hindu extremist Tag ??
How could you even think of passing such an immature comment? Not that we expect anything better from you. But this was not called for. Coming back to facts, how many times has VHP been involved in promoting terror in India and across ? How many times has RSS been booked for blasts in UK, US or Europe…? It is not defending any Hindu outfit. A terror group is a Terror group. LeT is Let not an Islamic outfit; Al Qaida is not endorsed by Islam either. Similarly, any Hindu caught in terror operation is out of his personal choice or belief, and not because he is a Hindu. So, when you did not call Afzal Guru an Islamic militant, when Ajmal Kasab has not been called as a Muslim element, why do you need to add an adjective to Hindu bodies ??
You have time, go and inspect the Agra Mumbai Highway which has been a pathetic shape for over a year and a half. If you have time, please go and take charge of Delhi’s security concerns over women, you still have time, please go and help people who are fighting the chilly winds on Delhi’s station, ISBT and footpaths. But I do not think these matters are a priority because you might just win a handful of votes from these people who need the Govt’s help.

It is our united request to you and your old but yet to grow up party to kindly come out of this cheap publicity tactic and start contributing to something more meaningful. There is enough to be done for the country. Get the 2G Scam money back into Indian Treasure and improve the lives of Minorities and Majority; Catch hold of Kalmadi and invest the recovered money in some development of Madarsas or Schools, but for heavens sake stop this funny comments. As a country, there is no religion bias here and there are not much instances of a secular violence here. We live in an absolute harmony together and let us continue to do that. It is losers like you who force us to be divided in thoughts. More than 80% Muslims in my India are willing to hand Kasab with their own hands Sir. If you do not believe this, pls get a poll conducted. Similarly in all such acts done by a Hindu group, I shall be the first person to support their punishment in whatever capacity.