One of the classical proverbs of all times. India, however, has been on a struggling end with regards to the neighbourhood. Pakistan on the west, China on North and East, Sri Lanka on South and Bangladesh on East. India, unique as it is, has lived upto the reputation in this matter too.

PAKISTAN :: This has been the most dreadful neighbour anyone could ever imagine. We watered the roots and gifted ourselves some real troubled waters. Be it the Wooler Lake project, Sircreek, Siachen, Fake Currency Smuggling, Drugs, Arms, Terrorism Pakistan is at its ever-best to disrupt India in all possible manners. It has left no stone unturned to take away India’s happiness. The only time that India took stand was with Indira Gandhi making it clear to the world that WE MEANT BUSINESS. Pakistan was made to realise what it is and what India can reduce it to.

CHINA :: Half the counrty is stunned listening to the words of the visiting Chinese PM – India is a friend and the ties can be strengthened. The only tie I could see tightened was around Manmohan Singh’s neck. From Tibet to Arunachal, From Dams on Brahamputra to Land Acquisition in Arunachal, From Rail Projects in PoK to the dual treatment to PoK visa, China has given us enough to distance ourselves and beware. But UPA has been indifferent here as well. NDA ignored it and passed it on to UPA like a Baton. To dent the Indian prospects further, China is now officially signing Business Deals. Today it is here with 600 delegates, tomorrow we might be staring at 60000 dragons dressed in Chinese Army.

Sri Lanka :: India is often blamed for causing the uproar in Sri Lanka and the LTTE has ensured that India has enough to worry about them. Rajiv Gandhi’s assasination has been one of the biggest attacks on our Democracy and everyone knows the LTTE’s hand in it. Not a threat as big as Pakistan and China but surely needs to be handled with utmost care.

BANGLADESH :: B’desh has been yet another throne in the crown for India. The migrants that have flooded the Indian land is beyond measure. Further, Fake note currency smuggling has been beyond toleration by India. It has been a great concern to settle ties wih a country of such a small magnitude.

The problem is not with the way these countries have treated us. The bigger problem is with the way that we have treated them. Why was the Arunachal, Brahmputra Dam issues not put ahead of the business deals yesterday ?? Why do we need to discuss Terror with Pakistan ?? What more evidence does India require to hang Ajmal Kasab ? What is America going to do in strengthning out ties with Pakistan and China ?? Obama visited China much ahead of visiting India 🙂 What are we doing to push back Bangladeshi immigrants ?? What steps have we taken to ensure that LTTE doesn’t get the emotional support from our Tamil leaders ??

The first question here is Why have we not done enough ?? Will there be a better time to put up and resolve these issues ? Will there be better State Heads in our neighbour countries who will come and apologise for the wrongdoing of decades ?

SMS and Sonia Ji, it is time to move beyond the High Tea sessions with diplomats and is time to focus back on our Security, Sovereignity and Integrity…. Afterall, you represent a nation and National Agendas are far beyond the kitty party affairs ..