We have all learnt the inflamability of Petrol several times in life. And we also know that it doesn’t catch fire at room temperature on its own. But thats not the case anymore…. Coutesy the latest hike in the Petrol Prices in India, Petrol is hot enough to burn the pockets on its own withour a match stick or any other agent.

What needs to be done is beyond the common man’s thought process. The government is least bothered to control whats happening. it is as usual busy safeguarding the custodians of Indian Democracy. Entire responsibility lies on the common man himself. It is high time that we now start adopting wise measures. Public transport, pool cabs, Cycling where possible, etc are the next best thing for the citizens of our country. As an incentive we might end up doing our bit towards a cleaner environment as well.

But the government has different plans I guess. It is a well-known fact that Diesel causes much harm to the atmosphere than Petrol. And just to avoid the rippling effect on inflation, the Union Govt postponed the Diesel Price Hike. Ofcourse, it is a move that everyone welcomes in the shorter run but we ignore the dependence in diesel will be enhanced beyond control. A person having an alternate mode between Petrol and Diesel will opt for a Diesel Variant given the difference in economies of scale. Is the government so much at the backfoot that it is blissfully ignorant of the consequences this might have?

I hope the concerned are taking a note of whats happening, and where…..even when its a hope against the hopes ;-).

There was never a much wrong time for the price hike to happen and the environment ministry will have to dwarf itself amidst the wrongdoings of its counterparts and probably target some ambitious businessmen for objections and subsequent satisfaction. The bigger question of the hour is ,” WHO CARES ?” with an obvious answer in negative.

A bigger accountability of all this mess lies with us also. Are we ready enough to protest in a righteous manner ? Are we potent enough to take a stand against the wrongdoings ? We all blame the Telecom companies and the people involved but did a single person surrendered his connection stating that he did not want to be with the cheaters anymore ?? I recall that there was an online petition on the net asking people not to fuel their vehicle on a particular day but did we support it ?? As long as the answers to all these are “NO” it will contibue to happen. The govt is not deaf, it is just that we are not being audible. The govt isn’t hiding, we have shut our eyes. So, my dear countrymen, please, PLEASE RAISE YOUR VOICES, Please TAKE A STAND or else we will keep falling for everything……..