The Indian National Congress (INC), popularly known as Congress is the ruling party in the world’s largest democracy. And I know all of you know it. What keeps it different from others is the Strategic Forum that exists within the party which makes it Unique of sorts.

Offlate, Congress has been better known for Corruption, Scams, Liberal attitude towards terrorists, and Controversial remarks.

Corruption is omnipresent and is beyond the hold of UPA and NDA both. Scams also have been accredited to both the regimes. Well, terrorism has been the problem with either reigns too. But the point that differentiates the Congress from any other political group is the Daily dose of controversies. An the HR has been spot-on. Right Man for the Right Job. Not that NDA has not had its share of controversies while public speeches but it is certainly no match for the congress.

Digvijay Singh, the leader of opposition within the Congress is a classic example. He is one man who has always landed Congress in troubled waters from safe havens. He is the man with Golden Arm for the NDA. (I know he is from UPA but he is the one who delivers juicy full tosses for them to slog). Be it 26/11 comments or his tenure as CM of MP, he has embarassed Madam more often than not. But is this co-incidence or is it a planned strategy. Just like the wiser old women in India, they know when to get something communicated from the grandson and the family then playing the role of ignorance. They make remarks which comfort one part of the society and the rest take charge in minimising the discomfort of the other parts.

Similar is the case with Manish Tiwari. I am sure Congress must be wishing that ,” There were Lipsticks that could stick his Lips.” He is one affluent speaker on his own. As they say, “communication works for those who work at it.” I hope that he is listening.

A surprise element to this series has been our very own PC. Mr. Chidambaram blamed it all on Migrants who are not worth the High Society. If that is the case PC, has Congree not been on power both in Centre and at Delhi ?? What is the CM doing towards the illegal colonies where they take shelter ? What is the Union Govt doing to ensure minimal migration by setting up avenues in their hometowns? And last, What is your own department doing ?? You say that these are opportunistic crimes….. So do we take assurance that Opportunistic Crimes will continue to flourish and there is no stopping them? Try explaining the innocent girls who are raped, the difference between a Pre-Meditated and Opportunistic Crimes.

And the same is cascaded to State leaders too. Our respected CM Shiela Dikshit, has been blaming it on girls for moving out of their homes at night… unacceptable by one and all. Be it CWG preperations (Lack of it ) or be it post crime comments she has always been popular for swaying away rather than answering. Where is the accountability ?? If you are the person on the job, please have the courage to accept the lack of governance and the lack of initiative?

The list is endless and so is the responsibility of Public Speaking. What needs to be looked into is the way that Congressmen speak in public. They are not giving their personal opinions and neither is the public interested in all this. The public asks straight questions from the Govt they have chosen and they need answers which are acceptable by atleast a Simple Majority. My sincere request to the party seniors is to kindly suggest the concerned to take utmost care while they speak and also motivate the rest who do not speak when required (Ref. SC directive — why was the PMO quiet on Raja?)

And if it all deliberate, it is furthermore unfortunate on the part of the Indian public to be led by Actors rather than Leaders. Whatever the case, Good Governance and Accountable Rule must prevail in times to come.

So, my dear Congressmen and Women, please speak right when you speak and the others, please SPEAK atleast when you are required to …… Else, what happened in Bihar, is very possible in parts of country and the country as a whole.