Hi All,

Every morning I wake up with a newspaper on my bedside and before I open my eyes I am eager to watch the world in 24 pages. Many like me folloe the process with switching to a news channel to get something even fresher.  What amazes me is the kind of news that dominates the charts. There is so much of stress on the negatives that the positives are forced to take a back seat.

A rape, a terrorist attack, corruption and poor governance are our favourites. We seem to enjoy reading the failures and commenting on the same. This is proved by the number of programs that focus on criminal stories….You know such soaps dont you? Sansani, ACP Arjun, Crime Patrol, Jurm and so on…. It is a matter of great concern that this love for stress is taking us to a new time low.

Media has contributed immensely to the society and continues to do so even today. What has changed, however, is the demand of the content. Very casually we blame it on media that feeds us useless news. A cat stuck on a window door is live on air for an hour. And this being hyped by a SMS quiz. “Will this cat survive?” And then there is a trail of messages quoting best wishes on the survival and it is strange that there are people who can sit through the entire screening and go ahead to discuss the subject at their respective workplaces.

Whose fault is it anyway?

If it was not for our liking this news, we would have absolutely battered the TRP of this news. But strangely it is not the case. We watch such #$%^^& and blame it on the channel. Where did the inspiration come from ?? From US.

We do not, I repeat, WE DO NOT appreciate the good that happens around us. We have developed our brains in such a manner that only a bigger stress seems to help us forget the current level of stress. When was the last time you tool a family member for an ice cream ?? and When was the last time you had an argument with someone who is precious ?? I know the answers for me and I am sure you will have yours. Our minds are now tuned in to a frequency that stops the search at negative situations. Today morning, the best news I could see was the organ donation by a 4 day old child. Isnt it strange that we had such a nice gesture from a fellow countryman whose child had no chances of further survival ?? But no appreciation !! If there is a naval ship that commissioned, the first thing that strikes our mind ,” There must be money involved ” When a segment of Metro Rail is inaugrated we quickly bring back the pain we suffered during its construction.

We have Commonwealth games approaching and Delhi is fortunate to host the same. There is so much being done but we complain. Even it is late and slightly discounted on quality but it still is a premium of what we have currently. There are people who contribute in their capacities everyday and we just ignore. Did we say a THANK YOU to that bloke who washed your car. I know you must be questioning ” THANK HIM ??” but is it not what we want to hear for doing things even if we are compensated for doing that ? We tag our jobs as Thankless and that is what we make it for those who do it for us.

There are numerous positive inspirations that we can provide to numerous people by these small gestures. We stopped exchanging smiles with fellow drivers on the road and fellow passengers in public transport. And then in our family get togethers, we come our with strong words, ” THE WORLD HAS CHANGED.  Nobody cares !!” But we do not do enough that can make us say “I CARE”

At the end of day, it is all upto us how we take life. Complaining is the easiest option available to us and we drive it full throttle. There is so much positive stuff that happens all around us everyday. Stop complaining about the water logging, thank god it rained. Were we not complaining the lack of rains last month ?? Stop complaining about your kids’ failures !! Did you remember how many gods you worshipped before he was born ?? Stop complaining about the delayed flights, thank god they don’t charge you per minute 🙂

So, please start focussing on the good things. Complain but in a mature manner and to the concerned who can do something about it, If at all you need a good governance, write to the president. Discussing it with a fellow worker at a tea stall will not help. He is just as helpless as you are !!

Keep Smiling and start living a life that appreciates all nice things that happen to you…..and keep thanking the ones who have made your life a lil easier and a much better.

Now go and thank the 38 guys who studied less to allow you get that 2nd rank and go congratulate that ONE who enjoyed less movies than you !!…..while I sign out

Cheers !! ITS Your life, make it LARGE !!