Indian education system is considered one of the best education systems that exist in the world. Infact, India proudly boasts of oldest known education system and university in the world. India still has dominance when it comes to jobs that require knowledge and wits…There are more engineers and doctors that are Indians than any of their counterparts. However, the world today is more than just engineers and doctors.

What needs to be brought in is perhaps a focussed learning on either of the following options : Employability and Entrepreneurship.

The skills required for either of the two compliment the theory covered across our education system. An MBA from a B-grade university might not have seen a single case study. He would not have come up with a Business Plan or have the knowledge to do so. An Engineer from a non IIT or a non REC would not have enough exposure on live projects. The practicality in our education is missed on several fronts. 70% of the total MBA polulation might not be comfortable in presenting their product, service or an idea in public. Marketing graduates are literally afraid of a profession called SALES. The first condition posted by most MBA graduates is a non-Sales job. Someone has to make them realise the importance of Sales. The HR students are just HR students. Little do they know that they are better of being a specialised lot. They can always be a specialised Comp and Benefits person or a specialised Talent Acquisition person or a specialised Learning and development resource.

The worst part is that we still have 80% teachers who lack corporate exposure themselves. The corporate has not shaken hands with education when it comes to equip the kids. A person who joined education as a faculty being a fresher gives an imaginary picture of the corporate world to his pupils. An important breakthrough could be inducting people from various industries and cross functions.

Students who passout of their colleges carry a set of expectations that is quite irrational. Corner office is something they treat to be waiting for them. Manager is what they were made in the college they presume. They feel uncomfortable to think of a job that will not have team members reporting into them. The reason, all our books focus on Managers and Leaders and not a path to it. Not that a freshers cannot be an effective manager, but certainly not every fresher can be. The expectations need to be matched much before they pass out.

The Industrial Training that is a part of the curriculum in most of the universities is a mere formality. There are numerous examples where a person who submits a project report has no idea of what is printed therein. All that they would have done is a Cut Copy and Paste from any of their seniors’ report. Is that what the Summer Training was meant for? I doubt.

Further, communication is one aspect which is wishfully ignored on many parts. Presentation is something that we just cannot expect from majority of the passouts. All that is being stressed upon is books and the knowledge they impart. The kids will have a set of questions to target and they will have the answers to them. Whatever happens outside them, carries no importance. No wonders, an error in the book is copied as it is on the answer sheet. And this happens in a country where we are trained from childhood, “Son, why dont you sing that rhyme?”

The transition from college to profession has a tremendous room for improvement.

Only a handful of companies have adopted a Management Trainee or a graduate trainee Program. This is something that should be made compulsory for every company. The freshers deserve a chance. They should have a minimum level of opportunity before they step out of their college. The industry should be made accountable for hiring freshers. It is their duty to the nation to make future managers and leaders. This should be given a definite priority even if that means reducing the retirement age by a year or two.

Having said all of this, I strongly believe that the concerned education ministry should have an employability matrix rather than just a mark sheet. The percentile should be awarded on the basis of fitment in the industry. After all, what use are the marks if a candidate does not succeed on the professional front?

I hope that you would have carried similar observation on this topic. And if not, pls. do share your views on the same topic. I am curious to go through views on this.