I am sure we have all had our favourite games during childhood…At that point of time, it was more than games, the winning mattered, the preperations mattered and so did our zeal.

Our politicians, however, a bunch of serious kids and decided to pick up their favourite games during older age. Let us see as to what their favourite games could be.

MAYAWATI :: No brownie points for guessing BSP Supremo’s fav game. It has to be STATUE. Supposedly the costliest outdoor game meant for a doubles championship. Only two players Mayawati and Kanshiram and that too, they are not opponents. 2000 crore rupees for such a game. Hats off to Mayawati to have so passionately followed her instincts for the game. And Kudos to us for having let her do that from our money.

MAMTA :: Ghar-Ghar….No doubts here people. She is so much in love with Ghar (West Bengal) that even a union ministry seldom reminds her of a trip to Delhi. An accident causing casualities to common men wasn’t strong a cause to disturb her from playing on her home turf. Mamta is one devoted player and Ghar Ghar has been an alternate to breathing. And such is the possessiveness that even Ratan Tata was asked to choose a different playground.

MULAYAM : Hide and Seek :: This is what Mayawati has forced Mulayam to opt for as a sport. For the last three years or so, it is literally that Mulayam has been practising this game. He comes out in open for a while and as soon as he does Maya orders a lathicharge pushing him to hide again…Am sure he wont be minding it in this weather. but you never know when Mulayam comes out in open and call the game off.

LALU :: For Lalu, it has to be cricket. Lalu being the coach. He still lives on the memories of days he was the chief minister or the railways minister. Experts comments, kingmaker image and a wild hope for staging a comeback is what makes cricket nearest to his heart. His favourite activity being wicket keeping. Always likes to be in the middle, the centre stage and pouncing upon any opportunity to prove his worth either ways.

ManMohan Singh :: His favourite sport could be playing badminton. There is an automatic shuttle dispatcher called the Sonia Shuttler. Poor man, he just keeps fetching and playing the shuttles dispatched by Sonia ji. Later will he realise that there are no points to it. Further all his efforts offlate have been to make way for the young leadership. As it is he started playing quite late 🙂

Rahul Gandhi :: This guy has been a soccer champ. He has been running all over the ground, making passes and scoring goals, if times are bad he has been a good defender too. Perhaps, the stamina displayed by Rahul baba on the political field has scared a lot of competitors and he has been a good player so far. The hardest working politician for the last two years or so  and has the making of a good leader and scaring the poor ones too.

LK Advani :: The more said on him is less. For him the only sport could be playing cards. Every card has one front that the government has failed on. All he does is pick up a card and throw it in the parliament or parliament street. He has accepted that the best NDA would do is to let him retain the leader of opposition seat. A seat which he feels is his perpetually. All he has been doing is picking a card and making the table realise how miserable the govt functioning is.

Narendr Modi :: His fav sport is Kick Boxing. He seldom cares of what the injury caused is going to be. A fearless sportsman, he just goes and backs his instincts. Rarely would you see him bogged down by the rules of the game, the referee is his, the court is his and the opponent never matters.

Will keep coming back with more of such writings…Do send your suggestions…Cheers !!