Congratulations to my countrymen on the completion of another year of UPA rule. Dr. MMS describes this year as a year of reasonable achievement. But atleast he has been honest in admitting that it could have been improvement. And there is room for improvemnt. Why room sir, there is a hall for improvement.

But even to accept this as a year of reasonable achievement will only possible if we lower our benchmarks. The frustrations are well above tolerance of the common man. Inflation — How may marks would you think MMS goct scored in this subject. People will kill me if i attempt even to add to a zero here. Such has been the governance over the price mechanism. Right from food to basic amenities, just about everything has been made expensive to an extent that people gave up hope. Things became comfort from necessity and luxury from comfort. There are numerous products which were well within the reach of people a couple of years back. but today, it is just a hope of owning a product that is left. From milk to daal, from wheat to rice, everything has been tied a notch higher of a common man’s reach.

Law and Order :: Its been another miserable performance. Be it naxalism or khaap panchayat or any other form of law and order.our govt. has managed to consistently leave the questions unanswered. P Chidambaram is the only student who has opted this question. But ironically, he has answered the most subjective questions through True and False. And in that too he has opted for the option stating MAYBE. naxalism is hitting us worse than it ever did. People have started looking at the govt’s reaction with disbelief.

Terrorism : It is however noticable that terrorism has come down a bit. But when it comes to bringing the responsible to justice, we know what UPA has done. Be it Afzal Guru or Ajmal Kasab, the govt will not give up its vote mechanism. And everyone is just trying to pass the buck on judiciary. Though the matter is pending with Honble courts, the govt. could have done better. Where is the haste that Rahul baba adopts while accompanying Bill Gates to Amethi ? And was it that important to start peace dialogue with Pakistam inspite of their numerous attempts to harm and defame our land??

DISCIPLINE :: This is one place where UPA has lost round badly. Be it Jairam Ramesh or Shashi Tharoor or Shivraj Patil, their senior party members and allies have brought embarrasment to UPA like never before. Self discipline and command is something these guys need to be trained upon. Even Harbhajan Singh, will not fumble as many times as these veteran politicians do….

And finally the troble lander award goes to Sharad Pawar. The moment he utters somethings, UPA jumps onto the backfoot. He is one stick in the eye for UPA. When he speaks, it looks as if he has come for an audition for the NDA (:-)) Afterall he has been fixed with a lot of responsibilities which include IPL too….and IPL is itself a task bigger than any ministry đŸ˜‰

There might not have been affordable food for the public, but the allotment of 2G and 3G spectrum was not postponed. There might not have been a security cover for people, but the Unique ID are to be allotted timely.I believe the priorities have to be relooked at. Even the developmental activities have to be looked at with a close lens. There is no doubt that the govt. has tried and tried well, but can we look into a Hot and Trial everytime we elect someone with majority ?

Not only the coallition but it is the PM who isnt as respected as he was. Every poll refers Sonia Gandhi more powerful than the PM himself. people do not have confidence in MMS to deliver the goods. Better still, if Rahul baba takes charge (it is just a matter of preponing things, anyway)..

It is high time now that UPA must take action and not succumb under the vote mechanics. If they do not stand for one thing, they will keep falling for everything. The choice is theirs now but soon it will be ours.