Hi friends,

There are so many -isms that we come across every moment – Mannerism, Absolutism,Budhism, Hinduism, Cosmopolitism…so on and so forth. But one thing that has attracted me the most is Indianism. Before I ellaborate, let me tell you all that I am extremely proud to be an Indian and am sure almost everyone is. Indianism, according to me, is that way Indians customize the way things work across the eastern and western world.

We are innovators by birth. The word that keeps the entire world moving is HOPE….to us the word is Jugaad. This word is the basis of Indianism. When everyone gives up hope, Indian hope begins to say, “Kuch to Jugaad Hogi.” Examples could be many, a cop has just penalised you for disobeying traffic rules and the immediate reaction is ,”Sir Galti ho gayi, Jugaad kar lo”; better still students are detained for short attendance and their parents proudly walk in the chamber suggesting,” Sir aap hi ho jo kuch Jugaad kar sakte ho”

No wonders, we tilt our scooters when they decide not to start, we get a bunch of people push the cars to get it running, diesel trucks are still started by lighting stoves beneath their engines. A mechanic is our last resort. Never did we need his service at the first go. We are masters in breaking seals especially during the warranty period. (Warranty is our birth right and we shall attain it, anyways)

Similarly, doctors are not required here too. Atleast three days from the discomfort, we think consulting a doctor is a waste of time. A chemist is good enough to recommend us a medicine for any ailment. Getting a blood test is not a good omen. And better still, our grandmother is still a doctor (just missed the college,though). Any cough and cold needs Tulsi leaves, any pain or injury needs turmeric….

Our relationships are no different. We love space in our relations and we hate giving it to the other person. We are so human that we are generally more interested in others than ourselves. We still know our fourth and fifth cousins by names and we call them atleast thrice a year. We are genuinely good at that. But we still need space (dont know if there is any available). We treat elders with utmost respect and juniors with abundance of love and care. And the affection is so much that seldom do we knock before entering our cousin’s bedroom. Beds in any room are ours as much as theirs. When a guest arrives, the first ritual is for the husband and wife to stay as far as possible (:-0)

Next is our youth. Indian youth brigade is certainly the most passionate and carefree that you would ever come across. In the west, watching a pretty girl would result in HMM…Over here, it would still be a HMM but they are courteous enough to complete HMM – Hai MAin MarJava..Further,, the students at college level and freshers have abundant enrgies flowing. A schedule that includes, Study, Cricket, Facebook, Girlfriend, Household work, Attend On Street meets, and trying to learn guitar (You know why they do that).

Our food is no different. We have a Jeera Pasta, We have a Daal (Maggi Masala) flavour, we sprinkle corriander leaves on pizza, we have wine and can see some drop an ice cube or two, We have our own varients of noodles and we have started using olive oil for frying tikkis (Healthy Food).

In all the above instances there have been traces of western influence but the sprinkling of Indianism is what makes it so special. And why it all works here is that we have done all these changes for the better. None of the above mentioned examples have been a flop. Indianism made McDonalds come up with MC Aloo Tikki, Pizza Hut come up with Chicken Tikka masala pizza, and so on.  It is not just the market size that makes it possible but our loyalty to certain taste and preferences that leads to innovative products. We are proud makers of Nano. Biggest pride of making cheapest car.

If I were to quote our innovations while customising western and eastern influences, patience will run out. But the concept of Indianism never stops to astonish me. Its been a matter of pride, privillege and pleasure to be here and witness all of this.

Trust that all of you would have similar observations about Indianism.