Dear Readers,

This blog is an effort to highlight the current data collection being done for our census. While, the effort is appreciated, the bigger question still remains, how credible is it going to be? Are we seriously checking the collected data? What is the guarantee, what is being told and filled is exactly what it is ?

Not long ago, during one of my visits to Bhopal, i witnessed a data collection lady doing the needful. Before we go further,let me clear the scene. It was around 2 P.M. with temperatures soaring at 46 degrees, on a sunday afternoon. Further probing revealed that she was a school teacher (who would otherwise have been on summer vacations). My question here is, are these the right set of people to do the job i question? How could we expect this profile to contribute in the manner that we actually want them to?

Someone whose interest for the job is at an all time low, who is more worried about her kids than the status of the house being visited by her. Further, the complexity involved in the forms and process does not make it any simpler. While the Television is on, the question thrown to you is, ” Do you have a TV ?”

My next question — What efforts are we doing to handpick illegal migrants ? Or are we actually giving them an easier way to legally get themselves Indian citizenship ? What are we going to do with people with more than two homes ? We keep witnessing scams in DDA, MHADA, HUDA house allotments but have we made it a point to track it all right here? Are we logically working upon the needs of the people in accordance with the survey? Are we trying to get rid of the existing caste system or are we officialy adopting it ?

Look forward to your comments on a few questions posted above. Do revert as you and I have to collectively raise our hands and voice.